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The “blue hole”, a natural spring in Albania’s Delvine District, is one picture-perfect example, as are the hot springs at Benja. Plus, Slovakia is a great stopover if you are making your way from Prague to Budapest. background:#000 !important; Or, if you like, check out the castles around the country. Europe has many beautiful secrets, and while millions of tourists flock each year to France and to other Western European countries, many of Europe’s cheapest and … However, for most of its history it was part of Poland and Germany, and used to be known as Königsberg before being annexed to Russia, after World War II. My main passions are literature, the natural world, and (some) adrenaline sports. Check out more castles in Romania and as well the top things to do in Bucharest while you’re here. Often overlooked, this young nation is slowly gaining attention from travelers and backpackers alike because of its beautiful and unspoiled countryside nature and, surprisingly, its wine. Required fields are marked *. 17. You might like to consider traveling there before it … The beautiful modern art museum, contuse, gives tourists a taste of the depth of culture in Lichtenstein. I first got the traveling bug after inter-railing through Europe as a student. Europe boasts many incredible destinations across the 44 countries on the continent. Forget Paris, Rome, and London—get lost on the map in a city you’ve never been before. background: #ffbe40 !important; There are many popular cities for tourists such as London, Paris, Rome, Portugal, and Amsterdam. Pretty Wild World is an online travel magazine that curates and publishes vacation ideas just for you! Montenegro is an underrated European country brimming with incredible scenery and charming old towns, and all hemmed in between the mountains and the sea. There is perhaps no better example of this than the bridge at Mostar. Cool, right? 5 Comments / Unrated Top Place For Visit. The bullet marks still riddling the buildings in Sarajevo’s “Sniper Alley”—once the most dangerous street in the world—are haunting reminders of the conflict that left this city besieged for almost four years. This mountainous country nestled between Austria and Switzerland is a perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a quaint holiday spot. Pretty Wild World is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com, © 2021 PRETTY WILD WORLD • DESIGN BY EVAN KRISTINE •, Europe Bucket List: Top 12 Unusual Destinations in Europe to Visit, Best Road Trips in Europe: Top 15 European Road Trip Ideas for 2020, Top 17 UNIQUE Places to Visit in the Nordics, Ski Resorts in Europe: Top 15 Destinations for Skiing in Europe (2020), Top 14 AMAZING Landlocked Countries in Europe, Europe in December: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit, Secret Destinations: Top 13 Natural Wonders of Europe You Must Visit, Top 15 STUNNING Places to Visit in Scandinavia, Surfing in Europe: Top 9 Best Surf Places in Europe 2020. The coastal town of Piran is another tourist draw, thanks to its stunning architecture and laid-back feel. View all posts by Here, 10 lively, underrated destinations in Europe that deserve a spot on your bucket list. A castle on a hilltop; a church on an island; the whole thing surrounded by forests and mountains; it’s the archetypal European fairy-tale landscape. Pretty Wild World | July 14, 2020Last Updated Jul 14, 2020. czech republic; poland; romania; russia; central europe. If you have further questions how we use your data, please read our disclaimer and privacy policy for more information. Read also: Castles in Finland and Islands in Finland. From Belgium and Denmark to Slovenia and Georgia, these underrated destinations in Europe are sure to be calling your name. From international music festivals to the seaside, it’s a perfect place to get away for the weekend. bosnia & herzegovina; croatia; austria; greece; hungary; malta; montenegro; slovenia; western europe. From pierogis, castles to cobblestone roads, Poland will steal your heart. Perhaps the country’s defining geological feature is the Tara Canyon, a river gorge so deep it is surpassed only by the Grand Canyon. Actually, it turns out neither of these legends might really be true, but they do lend a luster of mystique to a castle already impressive enough in its own right. But what one might not know is that it’s perfectly safe here as long as you stay street smart and as long as you mind their country’s rules. Tell someone you’re heading to Albania to spend your holiday, and they are likely to have a couple of questions like “Where is Albania? I spent most of my twenties exploring as much of the world as I could fit in between work and study, and I'm currently taking a career break in my early thirties to travel through Asia and Oceania. There are also tons of beautiful design hotels, and resorts you can stay at for a much deserved a holiday! The city is known as the Moorish Jewel and provides a perfect glimpse of Spanish culture, world’s history about the jewels and some historic buildings. This landlocked country is often overlooked, but I believe it is possibly the most underrated country in all of Europe. Nestled between Italy, Austria and Croatia, little Slovenia has all the charm of its bigger brothers but at a fraction of the cost. // Pretty Wild World -- #travel You must know Dracula, right? It’s now possible to walk up the sides of the building for views out over Tirana. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Kotor, with its Romanesque churches and winding avenues, is perhaps the most picturesque Old Town in Montenegro. Unknown. I’m aware that it often takes years of saving and planning to even get here, and often you can end up feeling like you’ve not seen as much of it as you’d like. The best way to appreciate the canyon is undoubtedly by organizing a rafting tour over the river rapids, but if all that sounds a bit too energetic, make for Djurdjevica Bridge, a vantage point with breath-taking views along the canyon. Independent cafes and restaurants are popping up regularly, transforming Tirana into a trendy and popular destination and making it an underrated city in Europe. After visiting the picturesque capital, Sarajevo, head to Mostar to check out the iconic bridge, Stari Most, where you can catch bridge jumpers and picnickers alike. Because it is an affordable country in Europe, Bulgaria is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway or extended vacation. The best way to appreciate the canyon is undoubtedly by organizing a rafting tour over the river rapids, but if all that sounds a bit too energetic, make for Djurdjevica Bridge, a vantage point with breath-taking views al… I also love scuba diving. At the time of travel in Europe, I always encourage my friends to branch out because I know that paradise always mean breaking out of my comfort zone and exploring new places. No matter what you love to do, Finland has something for you – even lavish Nordic design hotels and superb architectural masterpieces. Jonathan Brierley, 6 Must-See Places You Absolutely Have To Experience In Paris, The Ultimate Guide To A Perfect 3 Days In Athens, Top 6 World Heritage Sites You Should Definitely Visit In North America, 11 Best Places To Visit In Zürich If You Have Only 2 Days. europe. Head to the capital city of Tirana for an 18th-century mosque and opera house. If you’re looking to hang out at the beach with a drink in your hand, head over to Larnaca on Cyprus’ southeast coast. With that said, here’s a list of enchanting yet underrated cities in Europe for your next trip abroad. Slovenia. Build your bucket list and you will bless your stars once you plan to visit these places.

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