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Share . Coming from the UK, as I do, this is a pleasant surprise and very refreshing! Rent a motorhome with Goboony and explore the beauty of France deeper through wild camping. Then use the card at the barrier to each aire you enter. We are about to burst full steam into the height of camping season. So all that freedom is another big reason why France is the best country in the world to enjoy an RV trip. As long as you’re not on cultivated land or an area that is clearly private property then you’re probably ok. Â. There are some areas of France, generally those swamped by tourists or big cities (Nice and the Mont St Michel are good examples), where you will be moved on if you don’t head for an “Aire de Service” or campsite. Regulation on Wild Camping and Bivouac Shelter in France Regulation on Wild Camping and Bivouac Shelter in France. © Copyright 2009 - 2020 France Motorhome Hire.com. The great thing about going “wild” in a modern campervan, with onboard water/waste tanks, a shower and WC, is that you have all the over-nighting facilities you need with you. Alternatives to Wild Camping in France for Motorhomes, Off The Beaten Path France – 8 Unique Places, The Complete Guide to Motorhome Touring in France, The Best Destinations for Motorhome & Campervan Holidays in France, The Best Campsites in Europe – For Campers, By Campers, The Steam Train of the Cevennes & La Bambouseraie, The Best Motorhome Gadgets (that you will actually use!). Motorhome Wild Camping in UK & Europe – All You Need to Know! You can use the All The Aires book, which is available here and gives clear information about all the best aires in France and provides an aires of France map.  Make sure you follow the rules in our general post about wild camping in Europe. There is only one country in Northern Europe where wild camping is not legal, Denmark. I say ‘car campers’ as the French refer to RVs/motorhomes as ‘camping cars’ and it also helps to define who can use the aires. If we're heading into the countryside for a weekend, we'll look for remote car parks or lay-bys which won't have much noise or passing traffic- if you're living in a motorhome in the UK or spending a lot of time in it, this is important. Book your trip now and come and explore! It is also a great way to travel cheaply and sustain a long road trip. The main restrictions are that motorhome free camping is not permitted on the coast, in protected natural sites, and on the perimeter of classified historic monuments. Please note that this is a hiking wild camping guide (information does not necessarily apply for RV’s). If you’ve found these resources useful, we’d be grateful if you’d consider supporting the blog by buying us a cuppa. Sadly there are few such free campsites in the UK. Some aires will give you a marked out pitch, others are a bit more relaxed. The best aires are like free campsites in France! Facilities are usually limited; you may get fresh water but grey and black waste disposal are unlikely, but these free campervan stops in France are about more than that. Wild camping | Find and book campsites in France from £9.06/nt. Thousands of reviews with easy booking. Most aires are also on Park4Night and other motorhome apps if you prefer not to use or carry the book. Often, they are run by the local town council. Motorhome European / International Travel Going to France? John H. Full Member. How to Wild Camp in France in a Motorhome. We speak English! Thousands of reviews with easy booking. On our first night, we parked right in the town square so we could meet friends and dine in a town centre restaurant. As we travel around Europe we often stop on a car park for the day, rest areas for afternoon tea or in nice cove for a spot of lunch.  Outside of cities and built-up areas, it is legal to park up a motorhome at the side of a quiet road. The rules regarding restricted locations such as the coast and national parks are generally pretty rigorously enforced in the summer. #wildcampinginfranceformotorhomes #wildcampingfrance #motorhomewildcampingfrance #motorhometips #frenchaires #francepassion #isitsafetowildcamp, Find out how and where to wild camping in a motorhome or campervan in France and alternatives to wild camping like aires. We get the odd strange look when we get out our outdoor furniture in town squares, but there never seems to be a designated official or local busy-body to stand in our way. Required fields are marked *, Hi there! Northern Europe. We will going on the Train/Tunnel. Pin .  In the guide you will find information about the 2050 sites you can stay at right across France. free rural stops at private wineries and farms all across France. Wild camping for motorhomes in the South of France is best done around Saintes Maries-de-la-Mer in the Camargue, which is known for a more laissez-faire attitude towards it.  A Camping CarPark aire typically costs somewhere between €10-15 a night. They are not meant to target a hiker who doesn’t make a mess, stays discreet and only stays for one night. However, in rural areas wild camping in France for motorhomes really doesn’t seem to be a problem, and if you head a few kilometres from most tourist hot-spots you can usually find a safe and pleasant place to park up overnight. Menu. Your email address will not be published. Motorhome Wild Camping in the UK – our routine. A vehicle you can cook in, carry drinking water, sleep in and have campervan toilet facilities. There are affiliate links in this post. Wild camping, known in French as "le camping sauvage", involves setting up your tent, or parking your caravan or motorhome, for a night or two, outside of a proper campsite.  You can find our more about wild camping for caravans here. You should not stay more than two nights, three at the most.  Your euros will help the local economy and keep the aire going. This could be overnight stays by the road, in a car-park, on some unused waste land and so on. If you love motorhomes, road trips and a bit of adventure, dive right in! Find out all you need to know about wild camping for motorhomes in France and finding the perfect spot as you travel the country. Choose the best deal with no fees and instant confirmation. There are more than 10,000 campsites throughout France, so you’ll have somewhere to stay for the night no matter where you go. In France camping is officially permitted only on private land with the consent of the owner. We are Phil and Izzy. This is typical of our “wild” experiences in France in our campervan. Â. That said, it’stolerated most of the time, with the exception of certain regional and national parks. See where we stayed in the France Passion sites during this 20 day motorhome journey through south-west France You can, of course, do what we have also done in the past and wild camp. Oct 11, 2020 #1 We are thinking of going to France. France Passion is a scheme where growers, wine makers and farmers open up their land for motorhomes to use. Feb 5, 2020 - Heading to France in your motorhome? Local authorities and the authorities in charge of designated natural sites may establish specific rules  which will be displayed on prominent signs and these should be followed. It never ceases to amaze us that despite France being such a popular destination for motorhome travellers, the good and tolerant people of France are not, generally, territorial when it comes to parking. The French highway code states that motorhomes may park beside roads and in designated parking places in the same way as other vehicles. COVID-19; Home. Be respectful of any services provided and leave them clean. There are affiliate links across the website, on both posts and pages. Covid infections. Whatever you have planned and whatever you do we’d love you to record your road trip and share your story and photographs with us. If you’ve found this post about wild camping helpful and want to check out some more of our favourite spots, head here.  You might find that if you are discreet and ‘park’ instead of camp, that out of season you will be left to get on with it. Selected and attractive small or medium-size campsites in the heart of rural France. From wild camping in the French Alps to boondocking in the wilds of Utah, there are a number of resources for finding good spots for wild and free camping in France and across the world; Since 2004, French local authorities have been encouraged to provide specifically designated parking areas for motorhomes. Anyway, the upshot of all this is wild camping, dry camping and boondocking are terms generally used to describe the same thing – free overnight parking without facilities. How is it done? Wild Camping for Motorhomes Forums. Strange times. The beauty off this scheme is that you can stay in vineyards, lavender farms and with cheese, oil and producers of other produce across France.

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