Ukrainian synthetic voice startup Respeecher is finding success despite the challenging environment in their city. A new $1M in funding should help the company to expand its services.

Respeecher is known for replicating iconic voices for various media and gaming projects. The company has also worked with game developer CD Projekt and wrapped a deal with Warner Music to recreate the voice of French singer Edith Piaf.

Unlike text-to-speech engines, Respeecher uses voice models to modify the speech of actors. The company has made ethics a significant aspect of their business in its various verticals.

CEO and co-founder Alex Serdiuk stated, “Consent is obtained from those who own the rights; in case of deceased actors, it could be estate or family.”

For the living, permission and compensation are worked out from the start. Respeecher is putting together a voice library of actors who have opted in to the process.

By not focusing on scaling like crazy during a big year in AI, Respeecher may have missed out on some capital or business opportunities. “This war taught us what being resilient really means,” said Serdiuk.

The company has managed to pursue one new vertical synthetic voices for people who have lost the ability to speak on their own. Respeecher announced today that it had raised a $1 million “pre-series A” round.

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