Reviving Social Interaction: Amo, the Founder of Zenly, Aims to Make Social Apps Social Once More

In a 2018 TechCrunch article, the author suggested that social networks were no longer social. The premise of this article remains well-supported as platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook have evolved into algorithm-optimized feed of short videos from top performers. To address this, a Paris-based team has developed a new social app called ID to fill this void and bring back the personal connection to social media. The team behind ID has history in successful apps, particularly with Zenly. Amo, the company behind ID, has garnered significant attention and funding despite the current VC downturn, signaling high anticipation for the app’s release. The app essentially provides an empty canvas for users to express themselves creatively and with spatial depth, allowing profiles to be highly personalized. Users can add and move various elements on their wall, creating a unique and rich environment. The app also encourages emergent gameplay and community participation by allowing users to integrate elements from other profiles into their own. The CEO aims for the app to address the loneliness epidemic by bringing personalization and creativity back to social media.

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