Securing India’s Manufacturing with Arduino Technology to Combat Counterfeit Sales

Arduino consider manufacturing in India. It hopes to restrict the rise of counterfeit boards and cater to the growing demand from India’s youth population. The Italian firm may produce its boards in India as early as the first quarter of next year. India is the largest market for Arduino IDE downloads, with 3.2 million. Currently, Arduino sells very few original products in India due to fake boards. Clone boards are available at less than half the price of the original boards, creating a competitive challenge. The company is looking to address the global problem of fake boards by making its hardware more sophisticated. The Indian government aims to become a production hub and increase local electronics manufacturing. Arduino is considering manufacturing in India and may start with its $27 Uno R4 WiFi model. It also aims to connect with Indian institutes to create brand awareness among students. Additionally, the company’s initial start in the country may move towards exporting its locally manufactured boards to other countries over time.

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