Snapchat to Launch Global ‘Recap’ Feature on December 13th

Snapchat has announced that its annual Snapchat Recap will start rolling out globally tomorrow on December 13. Each recap will offers users a look-back on the year by organizing their Snaps into categories, such as “Beach, Please,” which will showcase content captured of the ocean or lakes, or “Felt Cute, Will Delete Later,” which will display the selfies you took throughout the year.

In addition to launching the recaps, Snapchat is also sharing how users spent their year on the platform. For instance, Snapchat revealed that this year’s top places that users captured in Snaps were the Dubai Mall, Magic Kingdom Park, the Eiffel Tower, Times Square and Fenway Park.

Snapchat also saw trending Snaps across several moments this year, including Valentine’s Days, Back-to-School season, Halloween and spring fashion. Plus, Snapchat revealed that Baby Cheeks, Anime AI, AI Universe, Sibling and Goofy Gaze were some of its top Lenses of the year.

End-of-year recaps have become increasingly popular due to the notable success of Spotify’s annual Wrapped experience. Snapchat’s recap comes as numerous other platforms, like Apple Music, YouTube and Reddit, have already launched their own end-of-year recap features this month.

Once your Snapchat recap is ready, you will be able to access it in the Memories section of the Snapchat app. Like other recap offerings, you can choose to share your year-end story with others, or you can save it to watch it yourself at a later time.

Since Snapchat notes that the Recap will start rolling out tomorrow, it’s possible that not everyone will get access to theirs right away.

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