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Discover the best Magazine Subscriptions in Best Sellers. Creative Director: Marshall McKinney That is frustrating for both writers and readers. Communication Arts. Men's Health Magazine. Magzter is the world’s largest digital newsstand with thousands of magazines and newspapers in its catalogue. Then Minter layers on voluptous color, saturated pinks, glossy sheen and drips of liquid. Managing Editor: Liz Stinson. Our Best Online Magazines Are you looking for the best selling magazines? October/November, 2018 The cover also cuts across political lines and forces viewers to focus on the underlying issue: treating all people equally. We also love how MOOD incorporates several different travel destinations into every issue, exploring the best places to eat and find music in every new place—from Nashville to Dubai. A brave and graphically arresting cover. Co-founders: Richard Turley, Lucas Mascatello and Mia Kerin, Civilization is the broadsheet-sized publication created by former Bloomberg Businessweek/MTV/Weiden & Kennedy creative force Richard Turley and a couple of his pals, with the mission of being “a future history of New York.”. Check out Speckyboy magazine created especially for designers! Well, that’s exactly what MOOD does, and that’s why we love it. It’s an emotionally charged “adventure journal” that looks into the depths of our planet. Some of the best this year were. is your digital magazine newsstand, delivering magazines and newspapers to PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. The New York Times Magazine, a regular presence on these lists under design director Gail Bichler, also shows up multiple times. Creative Director: D.W. Pine Creative Director: Chin Wang September 3, 2018 Editor-in-Chief: Adam Moss. Issue #2 (August, 2018) We love gifting Magazine subscriptions for a variety of occasions as they’re not something people usually think to buy for themselves. With its highly rendered painting of Trump literally afloat in the problems of his own making, O’Brien speaks volumes about the nature of this presidency. The American Prospect was founded in 1990 as an authoritative magazine of liberal ideas, committed to a just society, an enriched democracy, and effective liberal politics. 3.1. Designer: Shira Inbar Editor-in-Chief: Alison Overholt. Nothing is redundant. Link, In an era where more people are ditching print for podcasts every day, one magazine is aiming to do the exact opposite. They physically move to the city for a few weeks, set up a studio there, and work directly with locals to provide the best and most in-depth content about that particular city. Issue after issue, this brand keeps the aesthetic bar held high with their rich cultural storytelling, thoughtful design and beautiful photography. Garden & Gun knows its readership well and doesn’t shy away from their true Southern star. For every issue, the staff uproots their office and travels directly to the city they’re covering. It only comes out once every two years, but each issue is more incredible than the last. Simple. Personalize Your EDC with Free Engraving on Ledlenser Flashlights, NASA NanoLoft Puffy Blanket & Stuff Sack - $229.00, NASA Original Puffy Blanket & Stuff Sack - $199.00, Fast Forward: The Cars Of The Future The Future Of Cars - $69.00, Holiday Gift Guide: The Cool Material Shop, Ford Auto Nights: SEMA Show Special Unveils New Bronco, Ranger and F-150 Concepts, We’ve found the Dating App for People Who Want to Take Dating Seriously, Yota Imports Toyota Adventure Ace 4WD Van, Prince’s 1984 Purple Rain Tour Bus is For Sale, Gibson Is Recreating Two Iconic Jimi Hendrix Guitars, This Poster Is a Blueprint for the History of Rock and Roll Music, 1969 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Convertible from “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, This NASA Motorcycle Concept is Designed for the Moon, Khyzyl Saleem Toyota RAV4 Rally Car Concept. Cover gatefolds are regularly mere stunts that conveniently accommodate advertising. © 2020 Access Intelligence, LLC – All Rights Reserved. I am consistently amazed with their stellar covers and how they hit home runs each issue. Titled “Who Gets to Be American?” this cover hits at the core of who is and wants to be an American, without flag-waving and hysterics. Delicious. The text, art direction, photo retouching and attention to detail (in reference to the original Rockwell illustration) are spot-on. — Bruce Ramsay, Creative Director, Winsight Media, Eye on Design — Robert Newman, Creative Director, This Old House, TIME — Matt Strelecki, Creative Director, Meredith AgriMedia, New York Editor-in-Chief: David DiBenedetto. The Best Digital Magazines Take Interaction Seriously. Art Director D.W. Pine has used understated typography for all the covers in the series, and that proved to be a master stroke. Each issue is a little under 300 pages, and the latest one, Issue Six, comes with a focus on courage, which is one of the finest traits a person or brand can possess, if you ask us. I always get drawn to covers that evoke an emotional reaction from me. It’s convenient, but there are better options. A delicious, in-your-face hero slice of bourbon-cream-topped sweet potato pie is front and center. The visual tension of the main coverlines, Gaga with it’s zaftig g’s and small a’s, Reborn, a concise wordplay on her movie debut, add another layer of visual depth. mondo times The Worldwide Media Guide. I went with the second option. How you serve the information is one of them. And that admittedly sounds weird, at first. But finding my pick this time around was hard for a different reason. It’s free. Every … A great, harmonic work borne from a strong editorial and art team. If you’re determined to be one of the best digital magazines, you have to take a new approach. The magazine partners with incredible artists and designers to help craft each podcast into a tactile experience readers love. The minimal typography and delicate design elements, such as the arrow pointing at the cover line, help us focus on a bold and striking image of an iceberg which, upon second take, is recognized as a plastic bag floating in the ocean. There are fashion magazines, men’s magazines, women’s magazines and much more. About Blog Men's Health magazine is your ultimate guide to fitness, health, … Communication Arts is a bimonthly publication from the United States. Editor-in-Chief: Jake Silverstein. The minimal typography and delicate design elements, such as the arrow pointing at the cover line, help us focus on a bold and striking image of an iceberg which, upon second take, is recognized as a plastic bag floating in the ocean. This is a very exciting and inspiring next-generation cover. Top Print Magazines That Transformed To Exclusively Digital Magazines 1. Editor-in-Chief: Jake Silverstein. Picking my favorite cover at the end of the year for Face Up has been something I’ve done now since 2014. Care & Maintenance Clerk-Kiewit Power Constructors - Kiewit Corporation - Lenexa. Firstly, it looks great—a sharp piece of design that combines the title’s established double-cover die-cut ‘eye’ identity with the ‘Psych’ theme of the issue. Link. 2018 Spring Edition. It is having more than 17 million users and it is a cross platform news stand using this software you can publish something which is compatible with kindle, apple news stand and even with the desktop website. to fill in ... Magazine Categories Best Selling Magazines Digital Subscriptions Print Subscriptions Magazine Back Issues Search Special Offers Gift Vouchers Blog Gift Finder Magazines Gift Ideas A strong trend that has been building in recent years is digital content marketing . But seismic shifts in the ways magazines deliver their content to readers have done little to diminish the gravity of an impactful magazine cover—as evidenced by the growing number of online magazines who continue to produce digital “covers” long after forgoing their print editions. The New York Times Magazine doesn’t have the same hard-sell demand for coverlines, but the struggles of the newsstand environment seem to have opened doors for publishers to take more risks in type and image resulting in stunning posters for their brand. The colors are strong, warm and engaging with simple pattern-making, making the most of the three special inks. Each issues explores a particular theme in only the kind of way Highsnobiety can. Its initial 400,000 print run sold out (200,000 more had to be ordered) and with its Spring 2018 issue, the magazine will raise its rate base to 1.2 million. One of our many annual traditions at Folio: is to reach out to a handful of designers and creative directors from around the magazine industry, hope that they respond to us, and ask them to pick their favorite magazine cover of the year and tell us why. We love Sidetracked because they make every story about the adventure seekers who are willing to get out there, rather than sit at home or in their offices daydreaming. By FOLIO: Magazine Staff:: December 27, 2018. Here, a depiction of the two sides of the gun debate, unfolds over covers at left and right. Some things are just better in analog. We liken it to music: Streaming your favorite artist's latest album the second it drops is awesome, but nothing really beats owning a physical copy of the record Design Director: Tom Alberty While that’s cool, it doesn’t quite sum up exactly how radical this magazine really is. Editor-in-Chief: Edward Felsenthal. Receive the latest news, trends and best practices! Each issue also incorporates some type of theme, which helps tie the it all together. October 15–28, 2018 Popular podcasts include Dear Sugars, Design Matters, Grammar Girl, and 99% Invisible. ( I also said “S—!” ) The scale, ambition and execution is awe-inspiring. The photo-illustration, created by Jorge Gamboa, did cause a fair amount of, The text, art direction, photo retouching and attention to detail (in reference to the original, If 2017 was the year the #MeToo movement created some of the most memorable magazine covers, then 2018 seems to the be year women took control over their images on magazine covers. The artist JR’s “Guns in America” Time cover was the first cover in a very long while to bring me to a complete stop. We liken it to music: Streaming your favorite artist’s latest album the second it drops is awesome, but nothing really beats owning a physical copy of the record—the linear notes, lyric book, cover art, etc. The cover for issue number two reminds me so much of the best of the underground press of the late ’60s/early ’70s. I look forward to it and usually have a list of frontrunners, making this a tough decision. Speckyboy. Plus, they make a frugal gift idea that keeps on giving all year long, especially with all the free and inexpensive magazine deals we often post on Hip2Save!. The dessert alone has one salivating. Photographer: Marilyn Minter 2018 Winter Edition. The intensity of the staring eye drew everyone to it, super-focused proof of the need for eye contact on a cover. You could offer the unique experiences. They’ve all been in use consistently at Foundr for more than two years, successfully distributing our magazine to our now 20,000+ readers per month. Artist: JR The powerful image works, whether one is aware of Rockwell’s “Freedom of Worship” poster or not. Chief Content Officer. National Geographic I was struck at once by its message, but also understood that I was looking at art. ESPN The Magazine’s September 10, Odell Beckham Jr. cover is a case study in composition. Teen Vogue. Topics Editor - Colorado Public Radio - Denver, CO, Editor-in-Chief of Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (PNS) - The Nutrition Society - , United Kingdom. It’s a catalogue of experiences retold by the people who lived through them. Face Up: Designers Pick the Best Magazine Covers of 2018 10 creative directors tell us what struck them the most about their favorite covers of the year. Most print magazines come out only once a month or at best once a week. Check out these online magazine services below, to get digital magazine rack at your […] With this modern pdf flip book creator you can convert your PDF to flash with the click of a … All you have to do is click “add engraving,” enter your text and choose the font. The eye of the storm and the politics at the center of the debate seems almost calm until we unfold the crush of the other two sides. Editor-in-Chief: Susan Goldberg. If 2017 was the year the #MeToo movement created some of the most memorable magazine covers, then 2018 seems to the be year women took control over their images on magazine covers. Computerworld. — Mark Montgomery, Senior Art Director, IEEE Spectrum, The New York Times Magazine I think the best thing about a digital magazine is that they can stay current with the days news. Some of the best this year were Beyonce’s Vogue cover—she handpicked Tyler Mitchell to “give a step up” to an emerging African American photographer—and collaborations between female fine art photographers. It’s original, passionate, provocative and cool, and it flies in the face of contemporary modes of publication cover design and art direction. Time Out London’s “The Green Issue” Pantone cover made me smile, a rare thing these days for any cover. Vol. From Reykjavik to Havana, Tel Aviv to Bangkok, readers are given passes to cities in ways most tourists could only dream of. Playing it strong online, Teen Vogue has millions of daily website visitors and followers across social... 2. — Jeremy Leslie, Founder and Creative Director, magCulture, TIME With a concept as crystal clear as Arctic water, the design beautifully speaks to the story’s suggestion that plastic pollution may just be the tip of the iceberg. At Austin's SXSW festival in March, Apple announced the takeover of Texture, one of the preeminent magazine subscription services. —E.B. The Southern Food Issue cover is no different. We’ve all used our phones as a flashlight at least once. Link, We love what the folks over at Gear Patrol do on the daily, but we really love their print magazine. Link, MOOD is a magazine that revolves around two of our favorite things: Food and music. AnyFlip can help you to create simple flipping magazine online with the page flip effect. Best Photography Magazines for Inspiration. Here you can find a lot … Link, Cereal’s goal is to meld travel, style, and design together in one beautiful, high quality package. 2017 Best of Napa Valley. What more can you ask of a cover? September 10, 2018 The photo-illustration, created by Jorge Gamboa, did cause a fair amount of copyright controversy, though. And your eyes can’t help but wander all over the page. Over 6,000 magazines at your fingertips on the world's largest digital magazine newsstand. Selecting a single example is tough, but this second cover of AIGA’s Eye on Design magazine was remarkable for two reasons. 2017 Food & Wine Edition. Photographer: Randall Slavin November 26, 2018 AARP stands for American Association of Retired People. Photo-Illustration: Hank Willis Thomas and Emily Shur It’s a very confrontational portrait that pairs so well with the headline because Stormy Daniels decided to take control of her story this year and make sure that all of us, including the president, know it. — Rami Moghadan, Art Director, ESPN The Magazine, Civilization Photographer: Mark Peterson — Chris Deacon, Former Creative Director, Playboy and Time Out New York, ESPN The Magazine Although the topic of Trump is a fertile ground. 1, Issue 2 (October, 2018) They only release it twice a year, which means each issue is very carefully curated to include only the best of the best Gear Patrol has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a workhorse for the car or garage, or something smaller you can carry every day, you want a Ledlenser flashlight. Editor-in-Chief: Edward Felsenthal. Top Women in Media Awards / Virtual Celebration. — Caysey Welton, Content Director, Folio: Explore the “Face Up” Year-in-Review archives: Activate Folio: newsletters for the news, emerging trends and best practices you need to succeed. Creative Director: D.W. Pine Read them anytime and anywhere on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the web. 2018 Fall Edition. Get your engraved Ledlenser flashlights today. The magazine’s goal is to take a lateral approach to writing about design. I always get drawn to covers that evoke an emotional reaction from me. The best part? 2016 Digital Magazine Issues. It is an iconic cover, compellingly simple, but that simplicity is put to great use. American Prospect. Link, Boat Magazine takes gonzo-style storytelling to a whole new level. Photographer: Amanda Demme 2018 Food & Wine Edition. Read your magazines anytime, anywhere. Read on to see the best business magazines to pick up today. If magazine covers are a reflection of the current climate, then Time creative director D.W. Pine—who had three covers selected among this year’s critics’ picks—has certainly tapped into the zeitgeist. — Steven Banks, Design Director, Los Angeles Magazine, TIME If a big story happens there might be a long stretch of time before they are able to comment on it. The visual tension of the main coverlines, The “cast of thousands” approach is the opposite of what a cover. Seriously, it’s not only a captivating photograph, but it’s also an incredible work in grayscale. The magazine’s entire goal is to talk food and music through beautiful design and high quality writing, by partnering with excellent artists and writers from all over the world. The American magazine is sent to all the members of AARP which… Even better, right now they’re offering free engraving on their flashlights until December 18th. — Dave McKenna, Art Director, 5280 Magazine, Garden & Gun Digital publishing may be convenient and lightning quick in a world traveling faster than ever, but that’s not to say it can replace the feel and aesthetic pleasure we get from thumbing through a real life physical magazine. It’s somehow both linear and totally chaotic. AnyFlip. Whether you're considering joining the digital book revolution or want a new device to replace an older one, here are the best ebook readers on the market today. The current issue, Issue 16, explores how people are surviving in a post “fake news” world, where social media is dominated by influencers and wannabes, and where people are beholden to what they’re calling, “the almighty algorithm.” Each issue also features editorials and interviews with different thinkers, artists, designers, etc. It … Link, When people ask us about Sidetracked Magazine and why we’re so in love with it, we explain that it’s not just a travel magazine. Which is nonsense. Published shortly after National Geographic’s beautiful redesign in collaboration with Godfrey Dadich Partners, this cover immediately felt iconic to me. Creative Director: Emmet Smith Food and music are great by themselves, but how can a magazine succinctly tie the two together without having to stretch? Issuu. This is why the major takeaway for me is that a beautiful and well-designed cover is great, but a bit of controversy can go a long way in making a cover even more memorable and truly one for the ages. The “cast of thousands” approach is the opposite of what a cover traditionally requires, since there’s no single focus, but I admire the deep storytelling, the meticulous composition and gorgeous vision it took to assemble this image. Although the topic of Trump is a fertile ground, Time creative director D.W. Pine and illustrator Tim O’Brien have created a cover of grandiose subtlety. While the Internet is here to stay, so are the glossy magazines we know and love. It’s striking, disturbing and is smart enough to realize the name of the magazine is secondary in importance to the subject matter, hence it being barely visible. Elegant. Here we have the list of the best online magazine subscription services to help you start enjoying your favorite journals online anytime, anywhere! These aren’t just stories with fancy words and nice photos; they’re immersive experiences that’ll inspire you to go outside and live your damn life. Hottest Fashion Magazine You’re probably already familiar with the online version of Highsnobiety, but did you know there’s a print edition? The image is extremely powerful to me because instead of focusing on what most people, including the president, knew Stormy Daniels for, it forces the audience to face a woman who has very effectively stood up to a president who constantly degrades and insults women from behind the safety of television and social media. Artist: Tim O’Brien Understated. Design Director: Gail Bichler Ledlenser flashlights are all designed and built to be incredibly bright, lightweight and last a lifetime. 2019 Best of Napa Valley Life. — Justin Armburger, Art Director, GIE Media, The New York Times Magazine The rebirth of the magazine cover continues apace thanks to Instagram, where tiled jpegs fight for attention just as their paper versions always have on the newsstand. There are many digital magazine publishing solutions available and the option is probably very specific to your publishing business model. Whether it’s people, places, sport or food, there is heart and soul in every page. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Magazines Best Sellers. Artist: Jorge Gamboa San Francisco, California, United States About Blog WIRED is where tomorrow is … They take people’s favorite podcasts and bring them to life on the written page, with a beautiful design and layout to match. By FOLIO: Magazine Staff :: December 27, 2018. November 11, 2018 2018 Summer Edition. Chief Content Officer, or CCO, is a globally distributed marketing publication … Technically, they’re a Canadian-based not-for-profit organization, and the magazine is 100% reader supported, with the goal being to sell people ideas rather than products. There are also wonderful nuanced elements, such as the signature OBJ catches in clipart-like silhouettes and the reflections of his massive hands in his sunglasses. Silvershotz: Silvershotz was established in 1998 in … Art Director: Tala Safié 2018 Digital Magazine Issues. Record Magazine’s simple but charming “man with a record for a head” also. Staying true to their roots is what makes this brand one of the best in the nation. If you like Gear Patrol’s normal stuff, you’ll absolutely love the print magazine. This is truly poster-like art that is consistent with work that creative director Chin Wang and her team have been producing at ESPN over the the past few years (biweekly!). The Best eReaders for 2020. Digital publishing may be convenient in a world traveling faster than ever, but that's not to say it can replace thumbing through a physical magazine. I know some will look at it and think ‘oh that’s too easy – there are no cover lines…’ etc. Click any of the covers below to view them full-size. It seems like everywhere we look, someone is writing some kind of article about how print media is going the way of the dinosaur. October 7, 2018 So I could go in two directions this year: pick one of the many provocative and well done political covers, or choose to celebrate near-flawless design and execution that also syncs up seamlessly with its respective brand. The World's Best Magazines . RBdigital is the gateway to free digital magazines from your library. While there was a ton of great work done in 2018, I think a lot of terrific covers were overlooked due of some rather obvious distractions in and around media. Just as editors have adjusted to hybrid print-and-digital strategies, so too have designers, who in 2018 unleashed a succession of stunning magazine covers aimed at capturing the attention of newsstand passersby and Instagram scrollers alike. Managed by its parent company IDG Media, it … Each issue of this travel and culture magazine focuses on a new exciting and inspiring city. For instance, the Spring/Summer 2018 issue (Issue 15), revolves around sustainability and includes interviews with famous designers like Tadao Ando and Ilse Crawford. This new incarnation manages to feel surprising but real. Gaga has transformed herself before, but it often felt like costume.

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