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12x $ 44. As the car was a real gem the dealer knew a buyer could be found as he had sold a couple of Cordoba’s in the past. Most of these vehicles are out of my budget, of course, but once in a while I come across something affordable. Comoptions:description:1977 chrysler cordoba. 1978 chrysler cordoba 1 owner car in exceptional condition with less than 28000 original miles. BMW 3 Series 7,523.00 listings starting at $6,563.00 Chevrolet Camaro 5,798.00 The Lean Burn was tossed and an aftermarket pointless ignition put in its place. A few test pilots took their turn behind the wheel but again no one wanted to buy. 1975 Chrysler Cordoba 440 4-Speed For Sale is 1975 Chrysler Cordoba. But I had reached my limit on what I was going to spend on the car so new white wall tires were not going to be purchased. It seems Chrysler was a follower in design sometimes. Perhaps a trip to one of the big US Chrysler shows would have seen it sold; then again more time/expense on your part with no guarantee. The Cordoba was originally intended to be a Plymouth—the names Mirada, Premier, Sebring, and Grand Era were associated with the project; all except Grand Era would be used on later Chrysler, Dodge, and Eagle vehicles, though only the Dodge Miradawould be related to the Cordoba. Just the V-8 would scare off most buyers. Comes with all the options available at the time except T-top sunroof. This luxury cruiser was always kept in a garage during the many winters that have come and gone since 1978. Encuentra la mejor oferta de autos Chrysler Cordoba usados. Chrysler en Cordoba La Carlota Tope de gama,asientos calefactados, pantalla táctil con navegador,tf,usb,techo solar,dvd enpantalla y e reposacabezas,sensores parking,distribución con bomba, manguito turbo,aceite y filtros, neumáticos,todo al dia,y pintado entero y bateria nueva el 12 de febrero. Needless to say my wife was not impressed so I felt some weight on my shoulders. Find a second hand Chrysler Cordoba now on Trovit. IOW, the mechanic had replaced the pointless, Lean Burn system with a pointless, non-Lean Burn system. I’ll never forget my dad shaking his head and saying, “Jesus, Ernie…you’re such a hillbilly!”. As I had a 77 Monte Carlo, the last year for the big ones, I too see the resemblance in this car to the previous gen MCs. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, certified pre-owned car listings, and new car classifieds. Twitchy steering of course and likely due to the flat spotted tires. This system eliminated breaker points, and but still used mechanical and vacuum advance. 80-83 Chrysler Cordoba Tapon Gasolina Y Llaves Envio Gratis $ 460. en. This is because most folks don’t have the space, money or time to deal with it. Myself, I have a nostalgic hankering for an M-Body LeBaron coupe of the same year, but just try finding one of those! That’s the thing about the collector car market, desireable cars are now VERY desireable and undesireable cars are now VERY undesireable. Stacked headlights? Cue the Ottmar Liebert guitar music and have Ricardo Montalban on his spot! 8 vehicles matched Now showing page 1 of 1. There was a local ’78 Cordoba in great shape that sat for over a year and didn’t sell. Are they valuable? Sure there are some cars out there, like the F-bodies, Corvettes and the Malibu 2-doors that have some value and desirability, but not much for these cars. PLCs are big sufferers of this, and it’s not that I’m surprised about it, but it does go to show how much more nostalgia is about fashion than personal memories of a time when it comes to the collector car market. My wife, who at shows likes my cars, and who at home says I have too many and should get rid of some, was interested. Scary. â it's has a 440 v8 engine and a 400 turbo transmission. The next day I parked in Lions Park with the Cordoba drawing passersby and inquiries, but no one was ready to put down some money. I’d guess the same goes for a Cordoba with the earlier, better-looking round-headlight cars going for more than the later, much less attractive stacked rectangular headlight cars. Just couldn’t sell the thing, and when it was parked at cruise nights no one gave them any interest. The 400 V8, based on the B engines, replaced the 440 in some cars. Pontiac in general handled the switch to rectangular headlights better than anyone come to think of it, the 77 Firebird was perfection, and the 76 LeMans looked great as well. Now being Canada the third point has little bearing like it does in California. After expressing my interest in the car, I told Marty I’d discuss it with my wife and do some research based on the VIN number and body tag codes. I told Marty I would give Rick a ride in his car when it was cleaned up and road worthy. Even if it cost you a little money you got to own a really sweet car, one of the most iconic rides of the 70s. The remark led me to say I would buy the car and what would he take for it? Chrysler Cordoba 318-2 V-8 TorqueFlite (aut. Check. Mind you, it wouldn’t be stock, it would have desmogged 440 power and rally wheels in no time, and I’d also prefer the Cordoba’s less successful twin, the Charger due to it’s better looking(to me) grille and taillights, as well as for the obscurity factor. It’s amazing to think that big block Mopars from the late sixties are trading above $25,000, while these very nice cars go begging. When the day in April came, the deal was done and the Cordoba was checked and prepped for towing to my favorite garage. I tend to see a lot this era of cars picked up by dealers who then try to flip them and double their money and are willing to sit on them until someone comes along who is emotionally attached to these (admittedly run-of-the-mill cars). That said, those PLCs were great cars in the day. DLMOES's 1977 Chrysler Cordoba by DLMOES. BTW, the CC effect seems to apply to Craigslist as well- Just yesterday, I ran a local Craigslist search for 1974-1982 cars under $5,000. Best of 2020 Vintage SCI Review: 1957 Plymouth Fury – The Best All-Round Performance Car Of Its Time? Just like a house, where you remodel your bathroom, and don’t get full dollar back as compared to maybe the kitchen. Too bad, very nice car but to be honest I wouldn’t want it either. Cordoba, “the small Chrysler” arrived in 1975, along with the much less successful Charger, and it did the trick. Best of 2020: Automotive History: An Unlikely Story – How Soviet Ladas Were Almost Sold In The United States, CC Capsule: 1973 Toyopet Corona (RT80) Deluxe – Year Of The ‘Rona. The Mirada/Cordoba was a decent looking car, but came during the darkest days of Chrysler’s history. 4 anuncios publicados en Autos, Motos, Otros While I’m not a fan of green cars, that’s a beautiful Cordoba! 1976 Chrysler Cordoba – 400 Big Block w/46k original miles Here is an original 46,000 mile 1976 Chrysler Cordoba original big block car from Oklahoma. Those who do tend to look for Holy Grail stuff, like Chevelles and Mustangs. 67 Photos. Very few buyers out there for that car just like for the over wrought 1978 Thunderbird/Cougar. IOW there would have been supercar PLCs without these factors.). 10 Chrysler en Córdoba desde 1.500 €. 1978 Chrysler Cordoba title status: clean For sale is a 2 owner 1978 Chrysler Cordoba. This will never be a 79 Trans Am, for example, for value. And, they’re definitely worth serious money, as well, at least the cars built prior to Chrysler offering a 300 series that was nothing but the 300 ‘look’ with standard Chrysler drivetrains. Learn how your comment data is processed. 1977 Chrysler Cordoba Oct 13, 2017 13:03:09 GMT -6 via mobile BUCKY likes this Quote Select Post Deselect Post Link to Post Member Give Gift Back to Top Post by JCON on Oct 13, 2017 13:03:09 GMT -6 Lmao Carl!!! FWIW, there is one good 1978 stacked rectangular headlight Cordoba, and that’s the 300. Putting the spark control computer in the air cleaner wasn’t the best idea. I purchased this car in December 2015 and had it shipped from Oklahoma. I hope that it gets purchased by someone who will look after it and it sees many more years of service. It also includes new tires, new 4 core radiator, headers with 3 I’ll echo some of the other commenters, that it seems like such a shame that such a nice, well-preserved car like this one would languish on the lots. Not long after however, the collector car dealer called me. I saw it the next spring again sitting on the guys front lawn. Nice car! The stacked headlights look dreary and sad in comparison(as all stacked rectangular headlights do), it actually looks like someone’s face would look after having a surprise success after near failure, and after a brief basking in glory, immediately get shown up by somebody else at your own game(77 Tbird). Entre y conozca nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones. Combine that with the fact the Chrysler always did proportionately better When it come so 70’s personal cars, the Monte Carlo’s and T-birds are very fondly remembered around here, but even they still have little value. I was eager to have the Cordoba presentable ASAP so I could reluctantly put it on the market. Car runs and drive good. Classiccardealsusa. In late 2015 with winter approaching I was called to appraise a one-owner 1978 Chrysler Cordoba. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t turn a profit for all your labors, but at least you did a good deed for collector-cardom as a whole. For those who commented about the black seat belts, I wonder if the cloth upholstery and the black seat belts are an indication that this car was ordered without some sort of optional interior package? One more detail I noticed, that I don’t recall having noticed before: the green / matching rubber bumper rub strips! @Fordfan as I understand it the lean burn system was itself a pointless ignition system that had the controller mounted in the air cleaner, which was despised for several reasons. Ford and GM were very good at steering customers to (slightly) higher priced cars by making “color keyed” bits and pieces inside and outside of the car, optional. Find 10 used Chrysler Cordoba as low as $4,995 on®. They conveyed luxury, but not the stuffiness of the current luxury models preferred by more mature customers (like Continentals, TCs, and DeVilles) on a more affordable budget. Envío gratis. I am astonished this went for so little. As the purchase price was a nominal sum, my wife gave her okay, with some reservations, after my time with the Grand Marquis I had bought and sold months earlier. I wouldn’t have paid much for that car myself and do have experience with the 1977 version. In the end I am glad this car was saved. When we think of the Chrysler Cordoba, we think of the bloated, Corinthian Leather-equipped Malaisewagon pitched by Ricardo Montalban during the middle 1970s. Not mechanically inclined Marty was told by a mechanic the cylinder heads should come off and oil poured into each cylinder before turning over the optional 360 V8. Given how nice this Cordoba was, it is a shame that it was not more desired. I like the Cordoba, but prefer the 1st genaration with its round headlights. 1980 Chrysler (brand) cars: LeBaron, Newport, New Yorker, Cordoba During the mid-1970s, big cars had been derided as boats, with demand slumping as gasoline grew costly and, sometimes, hard to buy. Chrysler was the first to make a mainstream electronic ignition, introduced in 1972. Encuentra chrysler caravan en Córdoba, Argentina. Chrysler was moving to smaller, more efficient front-wheel drive vehicles, and the Cordoba was quietly dropped after 1983. Copyright 2011 - 2020 Curbside Classics. 75-83 Chrysler Cordoba Cilindros Para Puertas Con Llaves $ 290. en. That car lived on the Chrysler … The trailer hitch was removed, new plugs and points installed along with a new fuel filter. 81. Hmmm, maybe I should keep my eyes out for one of these…. This car is ridiculously perfect! Probably the peak would be a nice Grand Prix. Very pretty car. 12x $ 29. It’s a shame you weren’t able to make a profit off the transaction. 28 used Chrysler Cordoba cars for sale from $1,500. The trailer hitch was still in place along with a trailer brake system attached to the underside of the instrument panel. I purchased this car in December 2015 and had it shipped from Oklahoma. Has always been parked under cover since it It had been parked in the garage since 2003 but unfortunately not on jack stands so I knew the tires would be flat-spotted and later my suspicion was confirmed. A quick check in the brochure for 1978 indicates that color-keyed seat belts were an option. This drop-dead gorgeous creature is a 1975 Chrysler Cordoba and it only has 55,000 original miles on it! You be surprised all the places you can stuff things in.He quietly sold it to me, she doesn’t know, and made me promise she can’t use it as her DD car. You were lucky to get most of your money back as that was not a car one is going to profit on. Comoptions:description:1977 chrysler cordoba. My father stopped driving and he had a immaculate 41,000 2004 LeSabre in burgundy and it was his baby. It’s the memories of many that recall them as the image of declining performance and drivability, if not outright blamed for killing off the muscle car (I personally believe the PLC style was inevitable, with or without environmental/insurance reasons choking out high performance drivetrains. Marty’s brother had a wise mechanic years ago who suggested a better idea. If they replaced it with a different pointless system that would have been preferable to reverting to a point type distributor to bypass the system. Anyone who was alive during this time will remember the Chrysler Cordoba commercials which portrayed luxury and sophistication for very reasonable price. The garage chosen to get the Cordoba running again was a business I’ve relied on for many years not far from home. So for a fee of $250 and me somewhat reluctant to see the Cordoba left out in the open in a strange place, I consigned it for a time. In the short drive from the dealership, he had stopped somewhere and acquired a five-pound bag of pistachios. The braking system was in fine shape with plenty of life left on brake shoes and disc pads. Your mechanic was not that honest, My uncle had one of these, sort of a royal blue with white leather. That said, it doesn’t take much work to modernize and simplify them to make them reliable (if legal to do so). Find Chrysler Cordobas for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Encuentra chrysler cordoba service manual en venta entre una amplia seleccion de en eBay. I have a ’77 Grand Prix Model J with a red bench seat standard interior and the seat belts are black. 15. I think if it weren’t for smog equipment the 70s PLCs would be more fondly remembered than they are today, and more sought after. Second owner. The downturn in the oil patch wasn’t helping as people were losing their jobs across and Alberta and Saskatchewan and collector cars weren’t a priority anymore for those people who were out of work. Well the price was low enough and the condition of the dust covered Cordoba so good, I felt it could be cleaned, repaired and put back on the road for a maximum $2,000 if not less. That being so many 1975-85 cars were boring or over wrought, anemic, poor reliability, and with smog equipment that was primitive at best. Notes: Runs and drives, just over 500 miles bored out to 0.40 over and Stroked out with a bigger cam. © 2021 CarDomain Network, Inc. MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLCAll rights reserved, WHEN I GOT THE DOBA IT CAME WITH SOME PARTS LIKE 391 GEARS BUT THAY ARE FOR THE 9.25 REAR LOL MINES 8.25 AND I SET THE CAM UP FOR 391S SO I COULD NOT FINED 9.25 HOUSING SO I HAD TO GIT THESE, sweeeeeet  my babys hart                                                         i got to get the M/TS BACK ON   NEXT PAGE    IT GOS IN, got it runing and in time   took it out for some easy runs and put the hood on. Your email address will not be published. Just more buyers in there but few will want to go through the hassle to import the car to the US. Problem is, most people who have them think they are 10K plus cars, when in reality the market is just not there yet (and may never be). So here these cars are pretty expensive. you believe this car doesn’t have rich Corinthian leather? 1975 Chrysler Cordoba Base Hardtop 2-Door Up for sale is my 1975 Chrysler Cordoba that has been converted from a mid 70s luxury cruiser into a powerful, lighter, no nonsense muscle car. Shop millions of cars from over 21,000 dealers and find the perfect car. Certainly some prep work needs to be done before the engine is turned over (oil squirted in each cylinder?). 1976 Chrysler Cordoba Description: 1976 Chrysler Cordoba – 400 Big Block w/46k original miles Here is an original 46,000 mile 1976 Chrysler Cordoba original big block car from Oklahoma. Neither of these things are common in late 70’s cars. My suspicion is he attended the auction and knew the Cordoba had not sold. Cil Maestro Chrysler Cordoba Dart Valiant Tebo Eq Original $ 810. The cars made during Chrysler’s brief John Riccardo era had their issues, but how much their interiors improved from the early 70s was a big accomplishment. Value is interesting, surely there must be some Mopar enthusiasts who would like a nice cheap but interesting classic cruiser, or someone who wants a nice old car without anything particular in mind. Glad Rick was able to enjoy his Cordoba for so many years. By the end of October, I’d given up on the car lot and had already asked about storing the Cordoba in the bottom parkade level of the office building where I work. So I told Marty I would buy the Cordoba but because winter was coming I had no place to store the car. the owner is in no shape to sell it, a retainer or sibling handles the sale and, not really understanding or caring about the car, finds a “quick” solution and the car is destroyed. Totally extinct because most of them were quality disasters. My Dad diverted her attention because he knew she is an absolute slob with a car. After a little over a year I found a taker for “you guessed it.” $1200 bucks. The lean burn systems were also ahead of there time, using an electronic spark control system, but monitoring the engine with a number of different sensors. Not surprisingly, the Cordoba was in very good mechanical condition. Find the best deals for Used Cars. 60. en. You wonder why Chrysler did not offer standard color-keyed seatbelts in the Cordoba. 1977 Chrysler Cordoba De Plaane Boz, De Plane!! I even contemplated advertising on a US web site to attract someone south of the border, but that would be yet another additional expense. jb42996's 1977 Chrysler Cordoba by jb42996. I could even believe that it was the 300 letter-series that inspired Ford to create what is generally regarded as the first PLC: the 1958 Thunderbird. Garage stored and never winter driven for over 30 years. The owner is a fan of fifties Chevy cars and many of his mechanics have been working for him for many years. April of 2016 was a relatively mild month so I set to work on washing down the Cordoba right away noting the quality of the repaint and how clean the interior was. Very little gas remained in the tank so it will be siphoned out and fresh fuel added. 1977 chrysler cordoba - cadillac, miclassic car dealscadillac, mi 49601ph: 2314682809web: www. Check. Chrysler voyager 2.5 crd diesel, vehiculo nacional, unico propietario, equipado con l When people want an old car, they generally seem to gravitate car that are remembered for their performance or styling. Car 3 CHRYSLER 300C de particulares y concesionarios de segunda mano y ocasión en Córdoba. Khaaaan! The odometer shows only 71,000 kms or about 46,000 miles. . The Thunderbird outsold the Cordoba by 2 to 1, and the (ugly) downsized Monte Carlo outsold it 3 to 1, so I have to say that I agree: the interest will never be there. This 1979 Chrysler Cordoba is a resin kit from a company called Air-Trax, and at first sight, it’s stunning. Out here in NZ this would be a desirable and valuable car, and in that condition and with the mileage and provenance this one had would likely fetch $15-20K, quite possibly more, For comparison this tidy one is asking $19K,, And an absolutely rotted out one that isnt even running is asking $5K In this case, it’s a first-year 1975 Chrysler Cordoba in beautiful Yellow Blaze. Item Description (1979) Chrysler Cordoba 440. The original owner of this Cordoba had a personal attachment to it and the memories from when he bought it new, your average bidder for a 68-70 Charger though? I agree that the Grand Prix came out the best. The drivetrain includes a fresh 440, 4 speed manual with new clutch, and an 8 3/4 rear end. Looks and runs as if it just came off the Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, certified pre-owned car listings, and new car classifieds. Set an alert to be notified of new listings. But funny thing is that here in Germany I was looking at a good one. That seat upholstery, in particular, looks like something you would find in a mid level Volare/Aspen. This is a true survivor "Time Capsule" example that is in excellent condition. Shop millions of cars from over 21,000 dealers and find the perfect car. I spotted this car during … It had a light wall construction, precision cast-iron block, with iron heads and a bore of 4.32 in (109.7 mm), for an overall displacement of 440 cu in (7.2 L). 15 Chrysler Cordoba Cars from $3,300. As I drove away from the transmission shop a sign caught my attention and I took advantage of the free suspension inspection offered at the nearby Canadian Tire Store. The carburetor had to be replaced as old gas had gummed up part of the pumping mechanism. One seldom seen feature is the optional remote body colour side mirrors. Get both manufacturer and user submitted pics. Cordobas came out of Windsor and the general consensus is that Canadian plants had the best QC. While most of them are very worn out,at least one presented very nicely, and could make a nice weekend driver. Find new and used 1977 Chrysler Cordoba Classics for sale by classic car dealers and private sellers near you 1977 Chrysler Cordoba De Plaane Boz, De Plane!! Kudos to you, Garrym, for saving it from a horrific end at a wrecking yard. Cordoba would soldier on, but the much-trumpeted "downsized" 1980 model was merely a restyled LeBaron two-door without the classy distinction of 1975-1979. Also helping the Cordoba’s sales was Chrysler’s very cleaver ad campaign. The 440 cu in (7.2 L) RB was produced from 1965 until 1978, making it the last version of the Chrysler RB block. Very emotional for Rick who had enjoyed his car for years and which he had many fond memories. Pictures were taken, ads posted in Auto-Trader and Kijiji with some interest and offers (how serious is debatable) but no one came to look at the car. this eng makes 210 hp @ 4,400     305 torque @ 3,200    not to bad for a 76 stock eng     next page more on the car. Of the personal luxury coupes for sale at the end of the 70s the Chrysler products were the least popular. He wanted to sell it to get money for his future funeral service. I liked the car bit my wife hated it so I couldn’t even keep it. But you did save the car from the crusher. CORDOBA-440-MAN's 1976 Chrysler Cordoba by CORDOBA-440-MAN. Polishing and waxing both body and trim really made this big cruiser look fabulous. Factor in at least $2000 to get it running. That sounded a little fishy to me as well as expensive. There’s something so tragic about cars like these that have been so lovingly preserved, yet get priced well into disposable beater market bracket due to lack of interest. I might go for a 2nd gen, round headlight Monte Carlo with a 454 but, even then, it’d have to be in great shape at a low price. Working as a part-time appraiser I sometimes meet people who want a car or truck appraised before putting it for sale. Low miles and excellent condition, I don’t know about you but it doesn’t get much better than that for me no matter what the vehicle is. It has never undergone a major repair and was treated to a very good quality repaint. I expect there are a lot of people who have a 60s car in mind but should be open to an absolute time capsule like this. By August, I had decided the “Rock N August” car show in St. Albert would be a good place to give the green coupe some good exposure and placed a for sale sign in the window. 3) , model year 1978, version for North America U.S. (up to October) manufactured by Chrysler (USA) in United States assembly in Canada; 2-door coupe body type; RWD (rear-wheel drive), automatic 3-speed gearbox What’s Interesting in Your toolbox? 1977 chrysler cordoba - cadillac, miclassic car dealscadillac, mi 49601ph: 2314682809web: www. Worth a try, right? Anyway, something to deal with later. I’m glad you brought it back to life. ¡Encuentra CHRYSLER 300C al mejor precio en Córdoba ! I can’t see a Cordoba and not think of Uncle Ernie. 15 Chrysler Cordoba Cars from $3,300. I see that as a good deed. Timing was checked, cooling system flushed, brake fluid flushed. Maybe this was to make up for the black / nonmatching seatbelts. For my part I told Marty he’d get his money at the beginning of April and we’d complete the sale. Even though these are NOT the most desirable 70’s cars to most people (me included), a well cared for and well preserved example like this one must SURELY be wanted by someone, somewhere. This may be the best Cordoba available anywhere in the USA It had a light wall construction, precision cast-iron block, with iron heads and a bore of 4.32 in (109.7 mm), for an It’s funny that only recently I have begun to see the connection in appearance between the Cordoba and the GM personal luxo coupes from the 1970s. Ironically, a car that’s not technically listed as a PLC but has virtually all of the same attributes is the Chrysler letter-series 300. VIN: SS22K9R155016 Mileage: 121,075 on body Engine: 440 from 1969 Dodge Cornet Transmission: 3 speed transmission with shift kit Driveline: RWD Limited Posi rear end. また440 cu in (7.2 L)のV8エンジン(Chrysler RB)が1960年式モデル以来標準だった413 cu in (6.8 L)に取って代わった。 1967 - 1968年 [ 編集 ] 1967年式 モデルのインペリアルは外板の下は全く新規となり、他のクライスラーの車種に合わせて独立したシャーシから モノコック 構造へ変更された。 If I was a fan of the Cordoba, I’d be over the moon with emotion finding a car like this where only 112,000 were produced during the ’78 model year. Find Chrysler Cordobas for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. No deposit was necessary, just my word I would buy the car. Well, it didn’t, and dejected, I picked it up from the sold area and headed back to the office tower under a grey sky (how appropriate that day) to park it for who knows when expecting to once again place ads online in hopes of getting a buyer. It’s debatable whether we’ll see this Cordoba cross the auction at Mecum 2035 for $200K and wish we had picked it up. Comoptions:description:1977 chrysler cordoba. Description for Chrysler Cordoba 1976 1976 Chrysler Cordoba - 400 Big Block w/46k original miles Here is an original 46,000 mile 1976 Chrysler Cordoba original big block car from Oklahoma. 3 speed trans with shift kit. 1 autos Chrysler Cordoba desde $ 55,000 MXN. Search over 22 used Chrysler Cordoba for sale from $3,300. As to the desirability factor, it’s just not there for any of these seventies’ personal luxury barges, even in the best condition (like the feature vehicle). An OEM carb was found for just over $400. Collector insurance is pittance. It’s too bad you weren’t able to make any money on it, but these 1970’s cars, especially the late 70’s cars, really have very little interest or value.

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