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1. Hope it is helpful for you! Is there any com pulsation? For membership, program and exam fee, you need to pay upfront. I am working in one of the company and I get time only during weekends. However I want your suggestion before subscribing to his academy. You should be qualified for CFA as well with your BCOM degree. I would like to pursue my CMA in Barbados. Yes you do in order to keep the certification active and call yourself a CMA. For Professional Members, the CMA entrance fee is $250. Therefore, you must select the membership type that is most relevant to you. It’s very important to track what you have done right/wrong in the practice questions so I wouldn’t advise sharing access at all. Please refer to this post for more details: Pay online with a debit or credit card by logging in to your MY CIMA account. Once you become the CMA, you can’t call yourself one unless you are a member. I am sonajai Marma from bangladesh, I m completed BBA honors major in accountancy and also I completed B.Com.But now I want to study CMA. Because I have heard that CMA usually gives the discounts to registering students. 3. I also think it’s a good idea (as long as you know you can qualify) because there isn’t a need to study in a rush to meet a certain exam date. But one advantage of taking the exam outside of India (besides being more convenient for you) is that you should be able to apply for ICWAI membership if you choose to, as there is an agreement between ICWAI and IMA. CMA is certainly less time consuming to accomplish, and if you don’t plan to work in public accounting, it’s a great choice. Regards, Stephanie. Now a days I am continuing another M.A. Good luck! Therefore, this fee will continue to be part of your CMA certification maintenance costs. Therefore fee mentioned in above table is for IMA professional members. ICAI is established under the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 (Act No. 3. I was going to study for cpa but as you said there are many reasons (not least of which is less bureacracy) why cma may be the accounting designation to choose, unless of course one really wants to work in public accounting. It is also a more versatile qualification, which is helpful if you don’t want to narrow down your career path at this stage. I want to take CMA so that I could be called as professional accountant. Shall we say the exam is Jan & Feb., can I take the part 1 in Feb instead in Jan.? Hi stephanie, Fulfill your annual CPE requirement. Stephanie. Annually after completing the CMA course or annually after registration with IMA. In any case this is my view on local coaching centers:, Hi Anand, thanks for your note. Sir, is CMA is beneficial for getting jobs in UK and US? Hi Merly, Sitting in Bahrain can I apply for this CMA course? Previous experience counts (up to 7 years) so it shouldn’t be a problem for you? I am now in Dubai, United Arab Emirates but planning to live in Barbados next year. You may want to check that out. I am a international Student from a Indian University. Best of luck to your ACCA! Have there been any cases of student registration and Bachelor and experience proof of back dates? I m Radheef khan from Pakistan city of pesawar.i did (Finance) and now want to do Cma.But how I can prepare myself for cma part1 exam because due to lack of finance I can not attend how I di plz.. 1. membership fee is the fee you need to pay to join the IMA. 3. If you work in a fortune 500 company it is also recognized. Yes, unfortunately as CMA certification becomes more popular in a country (e.g. Regard.. Rasheed khan mobil number 0092 315 9398156. Thanks for your note, I hear you. I was a CMA for several years and left it since I didn’t see $240 of value for the membership. I believe every candidates from around the world can (or should) apply to the central “IMA”, i.e. This means if a student fails then he/she will pay $415 again to reappear in next exam window. 5) What would be exemption or procedure for me to get accredited with US a current CMA of India. Regards, If so it is likely ok; if not, it is best to double check with IMA. Hi Aparnna, Can i register on student package? Hi Stephanie, please advise, im working as an accountant for the past 12 years, graduated in bachelor of science in accountancy last 1998, i wanted to take another level in my carreer not doing routine data entry anymore. student discount as well. 1225 $ or 494$. Stephanie. Hi Marine, Yes, you can take the self-study online courses at home. But I don’t know about CMA. Hi Bilal sorry I have been busy over at the CPA site these few days, and wasn’t able to reply. If you can share the appropriate link as to how I can proceed further for online registration. , i’m from Egypt ………. Here is more info on the educational and experience requirements: Stephanie. It is valid for 3 years). If I enroll myself at June , can i register for part 1 exam at September? You may want to check with IMA for other payment methods. Hello, if you just graduate, why don’t you start working and explore your career path first? And come back when it’s time for you to work on your CMA. hi Stephanie, i have just completed, MBA or CMA will benefit more in my future ? Just wanted to know, is it compulsory that my work experience has to be 2 continuous years? I have completed my B.COM this year and is looking for a career in Accountancy as I have immense interest in it. But i prefer not to pay the IMA fees to a 3rd party, however i prefer to make the payment to IMA direclty using my credit card. And, the CMA exam costs fall well short of CFA exam expenses. For the actual preparation for the exam, most people take review courses that are designed specifically for the CMA exam. But there are candidates who must travel to a faraway city or even another country to sit for the exam. But you don’t need to pay the CMA program fee (because you are still in the program. There are occasional promo code for the Middle East region, at least that was common a few years back. Iam a Middle level financial Proffessional hailing from India, working in Dubai. 2) Miles is one of the commercial coaching places for various certifications. The student discount is for current students only (defined as those who have taken at least 6 credit hours of courses in the past semester). Feel free to ask additional questions here: I don’t have specific comments on miles but I generally recommend candidates to check out the online courses first. Stephanie. Benefits of a CMA Certification, Free CMA Exam Resources: Find Free CMA Study Materials. So, by paying the CMA entrance fee, you’ll be eligible to pursue the CMA certification. If you take a master’s program and becomes a current student (at least taking 6 credit hours in the current semester), then yes you are entitled to the student discount. In the two year SLP concurrent with full-time employment. Thank you for your time and effort. Thanks Stephanie for your response. 2. Stephanie. Mail id and Contact no is given beLow. Hi Arhin, sure you can! Forms M6 and M8 have been introduced. Is it possible to get the discount amount back ? I AM INTERESTED TO MAKE CARRIER IN THE FIELD OF FINANCE. But just don’t schedule too late in each testing window because the test centers do get full in some popular locations. Stephanie. Regards, Stephanie. I am a distance education M.Com (post graduation degree) student of an Indian Institution. Thanks for your note. Another CMA exam cost is your Institute of Management Accountaints (IMA) membership, which is an annual fee you are required to pay. You can find the courses and packages that are right for you. Wishing you a great transition in the US! Please contact us for more information. Hi Arjun, please refer to this comparison page and let me know if you have further questions: Hi Suraj, All others (pretty much mean university graduates) pay the regular fee. 2. And more thing did CMA have any validity in Canada if I want to switch over the job. Secondly i came from cameroon and it seem there is no testing center there, how will i sit for the exam incase i fail to complete both part here? My work experience focus on AR/Billing and AP, does my study and experience qualify to get the CMA Certification? I have passed D.Com equivalent to intermediate. Hi! I know IMA doesn’t see it this way but at least it is my observation and I think it reflects how things are fun in the “real world”. Congrats and Well Done to you doing a wonderful job of simplifying all the information!! What if I would like to pursue for US CMA. Furthermore, the price of this fee also varies per membership type. Regards, Stephanie, Hi..I just want to know if there’s any penalty for not appearing in exams after confirming appointment at prometric center. How the study material will be sent to me b) Entrance Fee $120 $75 I am a, MBA graduate; do i fall under the student membership category for IMA? First of all, yes, you can take Gleim or other review course first before joining the IMA. Fee mentioned in above table is IMA Professional Membership Fee. Most if not all of your questions are answered there: More info here: It will still take time for you to complete the exam and fulfill the experience. CIMA offers a variety of payment options to suit your needs. Thanks in advance. It helps a lot & provide guidance for the aspirants., This is Rakesh Singh from India, I am a commerce graduate (B Com (H), three years regular course) from Delhi university with more than 10 years of experience in finance & accounting domain (while working with MNC companies like GE, Accenture etc.). You need to arrange sending the transcript/marksheets to IMA but other than that everyone can be done online. Regular Price Promotion (2)is the IMA membership fee paid annually till i complete part 1 and 2 or till the end of my life to be an active member. What is the difference between both? First, the CMA certification is more affordable than other qualifications like the CPA. I have done my and CA from India. Sorry I don’t check it regularly because these codes are only valid to one region and I try to cover updates for all regions. Cost and dedication is required for every thing. Hi Pankaj, yes you are qualified with the BCOM. As long as you would like your CMA certification to remain active, you must continue to pay for the annual IMA membership. On Gleim, the performance tracking will be all messed up if there are multiple users. I think the student discount should count in your case, as long as you are taking at least 6 credit hours in a semester (typically it means 2 classes in a semester). Hi Deepak, the CMA is a global qualification, so it doesn’t matter where you take the exam. A non-refundable Application fee of A$55.00 now applies for new members. And, how to apply for the course in IMA from India? The IMA requires CMAs to earn 30 hours of continuing education (CPE) credits per year. All the fees are on this blog post (the one you left the comment on). Hi Angelica, sure you can! Use code IPASS15 to save 15% on your IMA membership and CMA application fee! Hi Jen, I think it has to be consecutive… but best to check with IMA to see if there is any exception. Hope it works! Please could you provide the link of the video you are mentioning. Hi, Is there a promotional discount available for Exam Fees currently? Hi Stephanie, The Cost of the IMA Membership. It just means that your professor is accessible remotely (through videos and other portals). hi i am farooq from pakistan i want to ask that if some one dont success in first part of the exam so how much fee of first part in second attempt or there is any discount available. Good luck! Passing these rigorous exams is a prestigious accomplishment. Is this clearer? 2. I understand… From what I know though all accounting related qualification in the US require continuing Education and license/member fees. I also heard of such discounts in India earlier, but I don’t track them and don’t know if they are still available. I live in Ghana, Africa. So, your CMA exam preparation options include anything from free secondhand notes to expensive coaching classes. People who work in this profession and get their CMA certification will automatically earn more than those who do not. My question is, Can i apply to Student membership, if i join academic Diploma in a recognized university? Stephanie. Which could be more helpfull for my carrer and why? Here I visited a center named miles education nkow my question is, I have to join there or attending your mini e-course is enough to secure my CMA kindly clarify me. I have always worked in corporate finance. By the way I wil attend CAM PART-2 exam on 26 oct 2016. ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERSHIP. Is CMA the right choice to make at this point in my career? Maybe you can wait for a few more years before jumping in? Just go to ima membership page to start: I read from one of the comments that even you are currently pursuing your undergrad you can already take the CMA Certification? Regarding the CMA Entrance Fee of $250.00, is it a one-time payment or it expires for a period. Hi dear, I don’t want to bad-mouth any institutions because of a couple of bad lecturers, and it is hard for me to track them so you have to do your own thorough research to make sure the lecturer has good reputation. If I do not pay, what will be the impact? How much fee will be deducted from $849 fees,if i avail such discount. When should we pay the entrance fee to IMA, do we need to pay membership and entrance fee together? Hi Vaibhav, if you have a bachelor degree (I assume it’s the case since you are going for post-grad studies), you are qualified. IMA is aggressively building up its presence in India but for now I can’t say it is as useful if you work in smaller, local companies. The first thing to look at is the base CMA fees. I have completed my second group of ICWAI inter and MBA .At present I am in US and thinking of pursuing CMA (US). You will be required to have a membership with the IMA. I can send you discounts for all the CMA courses, so just email me at stephanie[at], If student is nominated for fees waiver scholarship then when he will receive confirmation that he has granted scholarship &where.

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