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Lovely recipe. Sea Life Kelly Tarlton's Turtle Rehabilitation Programme, 1/2 cup Macro self-raising flour or Free From Gluten Flour. To make the fritters, put the grated courgette in a large mixing bowl and sprinkle with salt. In a large bowl mix the zucchini, feta , onion, parsley, mint, dill, oregano and 2 lightly beaten eggs. Use a clean kitchen towel to squeeze out as much liquid from the zucchini as you can (discard the liquid). Courgettes – coarsely grated courgettes. Cook for 3 or 4 minutes then flip and cook for another 3 minutes on the other side. sweet paprika. Squeeze the courgettes to get rid of excess water and place in a bowl with the onion. Leave for … Overall a very good recipe, best one I have found to use up my courgettes. Instructions Shred the zucchini using the largest holes on a cheese grater (or a food processor with a shredding disk). In a bowl combine the garlic, eggs, courgettes, parmesan, feta, parsley, mint, flour, salt and pepper. Really tasty too. Hello delicious Easy Courgette Fritters, oven baked with feta cheese. ‘Kolokithi’ means zucchini (actually more for the actual gourds); whereas ‘Keftedes’ means meatballs. Be sure to use the coarse side of your grated (or food processor) for grate your. 3 medium scallions, finely chopped (⅓ cup. Please rate the recipe and leave me a comment below if you do. You can do this with this recipe, however, I prefer to bake them in the oven so that they are less greasy. Add the flour and eggs and mix everything together. Recipes and Meal Planning for Busy Families, Published July 5, 2018, Updated May 14, 2020 5 Comments. ¼ cup finely chopped fresh dill. I had no dill so used some fennel from the garden which worked well. Check for seasoning. Place the zucchini, eggs, feta, flour, baking powder, mint, parsley, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix to combine. Instructions. For fritters: 1 courgette 100g (half a supermarket packet) feta cheese 4 small potatoes (new potatoes are ideal) 1/4 onion 1 egg 1 large tablespoon fresh chopped coriander 1 large tablespoon fresh chopped basil 1 teaspoon chilli flakes (optional). To give you the best online experience, we've added a bunch of new features to our website. Season with oregano, salt and pepper. Mix the flour and baking powder in a small bowl … Heat a little of the oil in a large non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat. To avoid them sticking together, so you can defrost one at a time, freeze separated with sheets of baking parchment. 1 tsp. When you've squeezed out the liquid, put all of your courgette fritter ingredients into a large bowl and mix well with clean hands. I also found 1 egg was plenty. Heat the oil in a deep, heavy-bottomed pan. Unfortunately, because you're viewing it on an old browser, Internet Explorer, you can't make the most of them. Filed Under: Cheese, Light Bites, Lunch Ideas, Main Courses, Recipes, Vegetarian Tagged With: courgette, fritters, vegetarian. ground coriander. Great recipe for using a good amount of my glut of courgettes from my allotment! In my version, no flour is used. You have two ways to warm the feta fritters: Oven – put them on a cookie sheet and preheat your oven to 300°F and heat them until warm which will about 7-10 minutes Skillet – you can … For each batch, heat a thin layer of oil and then drop 1/4 cup portions of zucchini mixture into skillet without crowding. Easy Courgette Fritters Recipe - Oven Baked with Feta Cheese Copyright ©2020, Taming Twins. I never tire of them as they are one of my favourite veggies, but if you are stuck for ideas, Courgette Fritters are a brilliant go to recipe. I also improvised on the herbs and just used what I had in the cupboard and I didn’t measure anything, just guessed – but it still worked! (If the mixture looks too runny, add a bit more flour). I made it even healthier by substituting the flour and breadcrumbs for ground almonds and it was delicious. Place all the ingredients into a medium mixing bowl and stir nicely. Heat a large nonstick skillet on medium. These Oven Baked Zucchini Fritters with feta and dill are flavored with feta, dill, and scallions. These healthy and simple Courgette Fritters are perfect for all the family. Then, take a handful of grated courgette into your fist and squeeze all the water out. Splash of milk Salt and pepper Serve with: (suggestion) Soured cream Spring onions thinly sliced Stir in zucchini mixture until coated. Heat the oil in a frying pan to a medium hear. I've never met a zucchini recipe that I didn't love from Spiralized Zucchini Recipes to Zucchini Bruschetta.But, I'm particularly partial to the Greek-inspired combination of feta cheese and red onion that we also used in Zucchini Egg Muffins. Sprinkle over the bread crumbs and mix. Made with feta cheese, and baked in the oven, they are a delicious dinner. Check out the courgette cake recipe I did too, hope you like it! All Rights Reserved. Courgettes grow and grow with our much persuasion and it’s SO satisfying. Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do. Courgette Fritters are usually made with grated courgettes (zucchini), plus a binding ingredient like flour or breadcrumbs and eggs, plus herbs for flavour. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 2 Spray a non-stick frying pan with oil. Use the colander and your hands, there will be lots! grated courgette in a sieve and squeeze out as much moisture as possible So easy to make and packed with fresh herbs for a beautiful light dinner or side dish. but I don’t think the recipe missed it. Learn how your comment data is processed. Over a medium-high heat, cook heaped tablespoons of batter … Ahhh so pleased it went down well. Place the zucchini in the colander and squeeze the excess water out. Also, if you fancy showing me a photo by tagging me on Instagram (@tamingtwins) I LOVE to see your creations. Work in the feta cheese and flour. Mix in the dried zucchini, scallions, dill, feta, garlic and black pepper. Your email address will not be published. The fresh dill in these fritters gives a real lift to the flavour and goes well with the feta cheese. Shape about 2 tbsp patties and place them on the baking sheet, leaving … Heat the olive oil in a skillet over medium heat. Freshly ground black pepper. Feta and Broccoli Fritters. In a large bowl, combine the zucchini, spinach, feta, herbs, eggs, scallions, and garlic. To make the fritters, put the grated courgette in a large mixing bowl and sprinkle with salt. Fancy some other recipes you could use courgettes in? Required fields are marked *. What really distinguishes these zucchini fritters is the incorporation of tangy feta and fresh herbs. I’ll definitely be making them again. 3. Feta – feta not only adds great texture but also amazing flavour to the fritters. Then, sprinkle in the flour and baking powder, a bit at a time, until it all is incorporated and … A fantastic way to use up all of your courgettes, these delicious vegan courgette fritters are golden and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. ... Vegan tofu feta; Yield: 6 - 7 fritters Vegan Courgette Fritters. My daughter had just turned one and we were living with my parents in Tasmania for a couple of weeks, as … Bake for about 30 minutes of until browned, firm and cooked through. Drain fritters … I’d love to know how you got on and what you thought of it if you make this Courgette Fritters recipe. Made these to use up some courgettes given to me by a neighbour and they were delicious. Yes, you can easily freeze Courgette Fritters (Zucchini Fritters). Beat the eggs in a large bowl. Stir to mix well. Summer time dinners ahoy! Shape into 8 patties and put onto a greased (or sprayed using Fry Light) baking sheet. ½ tsp. 2. Pan-fry the zucchini patties until golden brown, 3 to … 2 large garlic cloves, minced (1 tsp.) Transfer to a large bowl … The mix will be quite loose but manageable enough to create the fritters. Place large tablespoons of the mixture into the pan. Perfect finger food for baby too! It's a great way to use up your summer surplus of zucchini too! How about my Chicken and Bacon Pasta Bake or my Hidden Vegetable Bolognase? There are just 5 ingredients in these Zucchini Fritters with Feta Cheese. Courgette mint and feta fritters are my children's favourite way to eat courgettes (zucchini) and they ovenlike them in their school lunch boxes. But that’s easy to fix – click here for tips on updating your browser. The fritters are so fresh and light and quick to cook. Stir in feta and pepper. Courgette Mint And Feta Fritters When courgettes (or zucchini) are in season, buy up large and make huge batches of these courgette mint feta … Let me tell you, even if you’re not a gardener, if you grow courgettes, you’ll feel like Alan Titchmarsh every time you go to check on your plant babies. I also added a pinch of chilli and it worked really well! … I changed the flavourings after my first try and used zatar and a pinch of chilli powder, my family preferred that. Heat 1/2cm oil in a large non-stick frying pan over medium eat. They are usually then fried in hot oil in a pan. Thoroughly defrost the Courgette Fritters before either eating at room temperature or warming through. Easy Courgette Fritters Recipe - Oven Baked with Feta Cheese. Your email address will not be published. Place the courgettes into a tea towel to squeeze out any liquid. Using approximately 2 heapedtablespoons mixture per fritter, spoon mixture intopan and cook, in batches, for 2-3 minutes on each side until golden. 3. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. I remember the first time I made these little broccoli fritters. Using a metal spoon, gently fold egg whites into zucchini mixture. Take your grated courgettes and over a colander, squeeze out as much of the liquid as you can. Add the mint and dill, feta and hard cheese. Place the grated courgette in a clean tea towel and squeeze out the water. Instead, I used Panko breadcrumbs and ground oats as well … Courgette and feta fritters Photo: Supplied Throughout the summer courgettes are a staple in the market and at the roadside stalls in Matakana. Thank you. Courgettes are packed with water so, after grating, add salt and let the courgettes sit for about 10-15 minutes. So the literal combination of the two, ‘kolokithokeftedes,’ is translated to Zucchini meatballs, or loosely Zucchini Fritters. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this vegetarian recipe! I’m not growing any vegetables this year, as we are moving house, but the only vegetable I’ve ever grown successfully was courgettes (or zucchini if you’re American). grated-salt and freshly ground pepper (to taste)-150 gm all-purpose flour-3 tbsps extra virgin olive oil-oil for frying Courgette and feta fritters with tomato salsa Main Serves 4 35 min These light, delicious courgette fritters are best when you resist eating them straight out of the pan and let them cool to room … The marriage of zucchini, feta and mint is a solid one that will last many years with us as I do have a few other zucchini, feta and mint recipes. It's an easy, healthy recipe that's ready in under 30 minutes! Fry the fritters in a large non-stick skillet on medium heat for about 2-3 minutes on each side. Fry light spray or Olive oil for greasing. I didn’t use as many of the fresh herbs as suggested (mainly because I didn’t pick enough and was too lazy to go back into the garden to get more!) Leave for … 1. Mix with the onions, dill, parsley, eggs, paprika and freshly ground black pepper. Have your groceries delivered to your door or pick up in-store. In a bowl combine drained zucchini, black pepper, garlic, olive oil, baking powder, dill, eggs, feta cheese and breadcrumbs. Add 2 tablespoons of mixture to the pan and flatten with a spatula.

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