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at this stage, there should not, if you’re talking about early intervention preschool or school-based, if they’re, if people are not somehow being, like moving forward with the therapy services at this point I would have to wonder what, what’s going on because it wouldn’t be based on anything that the national organization is putting in. Like a little collar right there. Speaker 3: Thank you everyone. He could not use a manual can opener last week. Like of course you can’t concentrate like so-and-so is trying to show you a dog. Speaker 1: Yeah. obviously. So, okay. Back. So I’ve been in OCI for like almost 20 years. And I’m only mentioning that because, I’ve had some parents come back and say, well, my school said that they can’t provide it because, and I’m like, well that’s not really, you know, you may want to read what Ashley has said because Ashley has said that their speech pathologist can do this, you know, provided you follow their rules. And generally speaking, like you can’t assume that all shares and you know, fit people. She also gave me some tips which I am including below. It’s really about the natural environment and integrating therapy, quote unquote, into naturally occurring routines. but I have also worked for many years in the preschool and school based settings, including, an approved private school, for kids with emotional behavior disorders. but if you, and especially if you can coordinate with the OT so that you have, you know, you say, Oh gosh, you know, I found these like, you know, tweezers or you know, like, clothes pins or whatever, you know, around the house and I’m gonna put them in this box so that when you do your session with my kid, they’ll, they’ll have it. Including auditory- some kids focus better with music or background noise. Do they need to sit on a beanbag chair, lie on belly, rock in a rocking chair or some other option? So, depending on what he is using, I would look at does he tend to write more lightly with like a certain pencil or pen or crayon marker I would even have them like kind of try out each of them in turn and see, see if he can tell you. It is designed to provide a clear skill set from an educational programme; the course focuses on achieving standards of expertise sufficient for safe and effective occupational health practice. At my own district, it’s funny you say this because literally like an hour ago, I got an email from my own district that said that they didn’t wants to talk to parents about doing the recordings of these for exactly those reasons. And just really, again, just focus your priorities and check in with your child’s therapist and see how they can use their expertise on your child to help you, the expert on your child. Right And so, you know, as an early intervention therapist, a very used to be it, you know, kind of going in and like, tell me about your daily routine. Speaker 1: for my child Yeah. Maybe that’s going to be too complicated. Speaker 3: let’s see. and or I work in infant toddler early intervention, so in the birth to three system in Pennsylvania. An emphasis will be placed on the cultural and physical context of the community in which occupational … And I have had to do that because I do have some work commitments and I’ve just had to say, you know, Hey, on Mondays I just can’t do this. and I’m going to use handwriting as an example just because for a lot of kids right now, working on handwriting as a school based goal must feel a little weird when they’re doing all of their schoolwork on it. Which issue needs the most work– Letter formation? Then the OTs will be like, cool, okay. Cause if that isn’t the case, then the OTs end up kind of doing more computer related stuff because they don’t have the opportunity to work with your child there. But actually, bathtub crayons is just exactly what you just said. Then you just pick it up when you’re done. As a student on this revised programme, you will develop your knowledge of the evidence-base for/of practice and deepen your critical thinking, professional reasoning and research skills. Just let me do it. Speaker 3: Yeah, that’s, yeah. One program that offers students an OTA distance learning … okay. and I think with like running into the wall when turning the corner, I just kind of want to know like, I guess kinda like, you know, where do you think he’s going so to speak. And if you, yeah, and if you want the privacy of your own room to do this with a laptop, then. cause I actually went up to pick up some PT equipment from my son’s PT on Saturday at Devereaux. you know, one of them I think is definitely that from a visual perceptual standpoint, it can be hard to, you know, like are you, you know, focusing on the person versus uterus focus, focusing on the teacher, trying to maybe eliminate a situation where you have to look at all the boxes. But you know, I don’t care if he folds it in half or in quarters. okay. So, you know, if you’re doing your leg daily, you know, your daily, your weekly trips to the grocery store or whatever, maybe there’s one of those bags that you can save for your kids to be the one. Speaker 1: No. and you know, I sit down at seven or eight o’clock at night and I’m like, I’m too tired again to do it. But it is definitely not like, it depends. %���� It’s always important to try to get your child’s eye view as I call it, because that is always going to be, if it’s possible, the best way to do problem solving, having to be a big fan of Dr. Ross green. So I’m ex, I’m excited to try those. Speaker 3: So I think that, like I said before, if it’s logistically feasible for you to try to set up some situations to work on the skills, and to do so in a way that it feels like he can be successful. Yeah. Occupational therapy assistants or OT assistants earn a 2-year associate's degree from an occupational therapy assistant technical program, usually at a community college. Distance Learning & Online Occupational Therapy Degree Programs. But if you think about it, if say you do most of the can opening and the cans almost open and then he has to help you just squeeze that last part of it. Speaker 3: They’re like, Oh we, we open it, you know. Site is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice. It’s stuff that you guys can implement at home. Examples of distance learning opportunities at but yeah, I was feeling pretty flat and now I’m like, Oh that’s right. The distance learning PDA Occupational Therapy Support at Glasgow Clyde College has been designed to provide a flexible progression route from relevant HNCs at SCQF level 7 for individuals currently employed as support workers within occupational therapy. So, I think some it is just taking them longer to catch up and what they’re saying now may have been true two weeks ago. So how did they. and they don’t realize that they’re also helping me fold laundry, Speaker 3: or, or sorting darks and whites. so my name is Jamie Bassman and I am an occupational therapist. but yes, and motor breaks are huge. Jamie, why don’t you introduce yourself and tell us what you do. I was realizing, just yesterday I had gotten my, graduate school like alumni, you know, thing in the mail, you know, they, they put out every quarter or whatever and I was like, Oh my God, I was there 20 years ago. Speaker 1: Or an E L in your name for some reason. Distance learning Occupational therapy Learn the scientific and theoretical foundations of sensory processing and integration, and develop the clinical skills required to work as a … But look around your house and see what you have from, you know, I’m surprised at the things that my kids get, like for Christmas. Speaker 3: it’s another thing to just think about, you know, as much as possible having to eliminate for your child, them having to hold up their body against gravity because that is just another way of tiring their body out. I had another great Facebook Live chat again today. but in sixth grade, no longer school could not do anymore for him. This selection must be approved by the Distance Learning University Education Board. But they have definitely been as hot of webinars for therapists on best practices. I mean, I, right now it’s, it’s may. I think, yeah, I think my, my son is enjoying the freedom, but he is now starting to understand that there’s a certain amount of responsibility that comes with that. The other thing you can do is, I think taking the, like, again, like the sitting down at a table thing out of the equation, maybe putting some paper up on like the refrigerator and having them right up against the vertical surface. Like, does that look lighter or was it like, you know, cause a lot of kids it’s like purpose of the thing. that’s not happening. I will send out Jamie’s list that she sent me and I just looked and it’s, Speaker 1: don’t be alone, right I won’t tell you how many pages it is now. Show 43 Results . Students who obtain this kind of certificate would … American Journal of Occupational Therapy, August 2020, Vol. And then someone else, she, so you can wrap it all in. And I think Jamie has given you some great ideas, as far as knowing, you know, what, what the issue is. I am a BIG fan of using as LITTLE materials as possible in my online occupational therapy sessions. And it also helps them to have some more tangible feedback about something that’s working right by the child. So let’s see. Distance and online learning Occupational Therapy Courses. And I do a lot of care for my son, because he does lack a lot of skills, but also because it takes him a very long time and I’m like, okay good, let’s go. And for the moms and dads who are tuning in right now, if you’re thinking that you’re going to leave here today and that Jamie’s going to have this like whole giant list of things for you to do, do not worry. But especially right now, you know, if you feel like you’re at a loss, you know, kind of asking that therapist, okay, so what is it about my child’s handwriting that maybe we need to focus on more Is it an issue with size or is it an issue with spacing or, you know, and then maybe is there one thing you know, that I can kind of do at home that might help them with that, that spacing thing. INTERACTIVE Teletherapy/ Distance learning Handwriting Skills was created by school-based Occupational Therapist, Thia Triggs, and the Powerpoint files will be available electronically … Speaker 1: Yeah, there is. It’s really about not even what AOTA is, what AOT is saying is, it all depends on what your state guidelines are for the provision of teletherapy. Speaker 3: or just any final, final thoughts Not last for being easy on yourself. but they just come, I mean, you guys just come up with these ideas off the top of your heads, like nothing.

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