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Renaissance architecture belongs to the period between the early 14th and early 16th centuries in different parts of Europe, when there was a conscious revival and development of certain elements of ancient Greek and Roman thought and culture. It is the only Gothic church tower in Germany that was completed in the Middle Ages (1330), and survived the bombing raids of November 1944, which destroyed all of the houses on the west and north side of the market. Every major European style from Roman to Postmodern is represented, including renowned examples of Carolingian, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Modern and International Style architecture. This is thanks to the country’s highly regarded technical universities and lack of tuition fees. The first great wave of buildings came with the Romanesque period (800–1200), examples of which include Trier Cathedral, the churches of Cologne and the … Such lightness evaporated by the 19th century, when a forbidding sort of Neoclassicism came to represent the Prussian military spirit of the time. It is built in the so-called Ottonian (Early-Romanesque) style. The initial impetus for modernist architecture in Germany was mainly industrial construction, in which the architectural design was not subjected to so much to the prevailing historicism, for example the AEG Turbine Hall in Berlin by Peter Behrens (1908–1909), and especially the Fagus Factory by Walter Gropius in Alfeld an der Leine (1911–1914). The architecture of Germany has a long, rich and diverse history. The first Gothic buildings in Germany were built from about 1230, for example the Liebfrauenkirche (German for Church of Our dear Lady) ca. The Romanesque period, from the 10th to the early 13th century, is characterised by semi-circular arches, robust appearance, small paired windows, and groin vaults. The Bauhaus Dessau is by far the most famous monument of classical modern art in Germany. [3] It is now considered one of Europe's most famous landmarks. His most famous buildings are found in and around Berlin. In most cities some of the more significant landmarks were restored or reconstructed, often in a simplified manner. This was one of Mendelsohn's first major projects, completed when a young Richard Neutra was on his staff, and his best-known building. After the neoclassical period (which could itself be considered a historicist movement), a new historicist phase emerged in the middle of the 19th century, marked by a return to a more ancient classicism, in particular in architecture and in the genre of history painting. The exhibition was enormously popular, with thousands of daily visitors. German Kings were elected in cooperation with the Pope, German Roman emperors were in charge from the 10th to the 19th century. German Architecture : Buildings. Although 84% of architects in Germany are involved in the planning of buildings, this occupational group also includes interior architects (5%), landscape architects (8%) and urban planners (7%). Cologne Cathedral. Variations on the Gothic and Renaissance styles predominated through the 15th and 16th centuries, but, after the Protestant Reformation, commissions for elaborate religious structures decreased for a time. Semper's buildings have features derived from the early Renaissance style, Baroque and even features Corinthian order pillars typical of ancient Greek architecture.[4][5]. Architecture in Germany. The Römer, the old town hall, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. A good example is the Gothic Town Hall (13th century) at Stralsund. Stuttgart University. The two main centres for Jugendstil art in Germany were Munich and Darmstadt. Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria. Other well-known Baroque palaces are the New Palace in Potsdam, Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin, Schloss Weißenstein in Pommersfelden and Augustusburg Castle in Brühl, whose interiors are partly in the Rococo style. Cologne Cathedral. The Nazi architecture (1933–1945) with main architect Albert Speer served propaganda purposes. … During the medieval period, the Romanesque style dominated.

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