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The biggest negative of the X-3 is that it is manufactured in China rather than in America and that can bring quality issues into question. The main difference, again, is the brand choices. Fitness? We would definitely suggest the kipping pull-up bar for its versatility and height. Complete your power rack system with the versatile MyBench. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. You can add free weights storage, a pullup bar, safeties, and multiple j cups at the time of purchase to add some versatility to your machine. Allows you to add spotter arms off the front of the rack and have dedicated setups for benching and squatting without changing j-cup or safety height. Taking off a star because my rack was missing a few small parts. I workout 4/5 times a week, so I see any flaws pretty quick. No other racks are this affordable and provide that, AND the bar storage in the back is a great addition as well. Another upgrade from the Rep PR-4000 is the Sorinex XL Series Rack. This gives the rack a huge amount of additional storage capacity and almost a foot and a half of inside depth for benching, rack pulls, and more. #6. Whether you train weightlifting, powerlifting, Crossfit®, Olympic lifting, calisthenics, gymnastics or just want to build muscle or burn fat, the MyRack is 100% customizable so you can take your workout to the next level. I realize it is a review for Rep, which we all know sucks big time. Maybe the biggest difference is the Rogue brand including customer service, American manufacturing, and history of quality products. The MyRack has been engineered and tested to meet our rigorous safety standards and weight ratings. Despite the Half Rack being less safe than a full power rack, it's still extremely popular due to it's open nature, lower price, less space taken up, and its still high level of safety. Traditionally, power racks are tall – really tall. Easily attach Rep pull up assistance bands if you need them!Numbered Uprights – Make faster and more accurate adjustments for your safeties and j-cups. Here are our recommendations for the best power rack. Dual-Lock Sandwich J-Cups. As previously stated, a fold-away rack is only worth having if you actually fold it away. However, the rating provided by the welds and steel thickness speak to the quality of the T-2. The Grind Rack was easy to assemble and is very sturdy. Most people who purchase a half rack over a power rack do so because of space considerations. Stop guessing where to put your j-cup.Plastic Lined J-Cups – The industry standard to reduce noise and protect your barbell's knurl to avoid rusting.Extended Safeties – Chrome plated safety bars extend out and can be used to rack a barbell. If you’re not ever going to fold the rack away, there’s little reason to get one as they’re more costly and less functional than a full power rack that would take up the same space when assembled. As impressive as the quality of the rack is for the price, the number and types of accessories that are available for purchase are another great quality of the rack. Specifications: With this said, if you're going to purchase a squat rack, there are an insane amount of racks available for purchase today. 3. Rated to 1,500 Pounds The quality, safety features, versatility, size, and available attachments are some of the best on the market, and if you can afford it then this is the fitness power rack you should buy. Model: GR132. The same negative found in the Rogue RM-6 is found with the Sorinex XL...price. When looking at the cost I was a little skeptical about what the quality may be like at this price point . One of the things we really like about the PR-4000 is the ability to customize just about every part of it. If you have the money and want the best fold-away rack available, this is it. One reason to choose Rogue for a squat rack (and a reason so many do despite their being cheaper options) is due to accessory compatibility. I’m not sure if this is common but it could be a problem if your someone who needs an extremely specific height. The PRx Performance Profile Rack is the most unique squat rack on our recommendations list, and likely one of the most well-liked. The height of the HR-2 is customizable, it boasts westside hole spacing throughout, and the rack’s footprint is 49” x 48”. Thankfully, because this rack is so cheap, you can either resell it or give it to a friend that’s constantly bugging you about what home gym equipment you have. It looks and performs just like the higher-end models at a value that is palatable for most. You may get a better price and have more options, but you will never get the customer interaction and service that is found in companies like Sorinex. Runner Up: Rogue RML-3WC Fold Back Wall Mount Rack. If you are just starting your weight training journey, do not lot lift a lot of weight, or are hoping to upgrade to a new rack soon, then the CAP Power Rack Squat Stand might be for you. Squat racks are available in several types: half racks, power racks, and multi racks. The PR-4000 is a phenomenal rack with lots of configurations, colors, and accessories to choose from, and at a base price on par with a Rogue Infinity Rack such as the R-3, while the Rep Fitness HR-2 is is literally a fully-loaded half rack that will require no additional purchases whatsoever. Unfortunately, due to the amount of adjustments required, most fold-away racks never actually get "folded away." If you’re comparing benches, just buy this. Grind? With multiple color, height, and depth options you can make this PR-4000 fit your space and training style exactly and not have to overspend for things you don’t want or won’t use. - Floor Space: 16.3 sq ft (49" x 48") Reviewed in the United States on February 2, 2020. 201 Cumberland St, Memphis, TN 38112 (833) 372-9348 Having stiff ankles can cause you to tilt forward when you lift, which can prevent your muscles from developing the way you want. Rep Fitness Power Rack Review If you're thinking of buying a Rep Fitness power rack, you're in the right place. We get asked to make this comparison quite a bit. If a squat rack is cheap, does that mean it's unsafe? The laser cut cross members stand out and give your rack a new look. From my standpoint, the goal of the MyRack was to make it easy and affordable for people to purchase a good, not great rack, with a great selection of accessories. All items collected in the store are free of shipping charges. With similar color choices, steel quality, and even a similar “professional look” to the Rogue Monster the Rep HR-5000 is a great choice and a very good half rack that will make you want to even use it for dumbbell movements (although not sure how it will help that.). Best rack I've found so far on Amazon, Reviewed in the United States on January 24, 2020. Set up was also surprisingly simple but you will need two people possibly even three if you want to be safe. Shows less wear over time lower bench level heights have 1-inch spacing while the height... Behind every MyRack power rack in the United States on February 15, 2020, Titan get! 2019, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item Amazon. As such is a 5-star product, and value this often and if are... Best fold-away rack on the market need more than a 1,000-pound rating with... Between $ 550 and $ 1,000 racks while others make their own this design buying equipment circuits pull-ups... & 2 '' fat bar, and was easy to install and rock solid you should safe! S just a hell of a lot of noise in the world ca n't compare to level. Come with no pull-up bar to put together, solid as a good purchase from Amazon best priced fold-away on! Both its negatives and positives any size user for bench press, squats and more out various uses the! Not a big deal overall though but i found MC at Grind Fitness Chaos 4000 power having lbs! Are 47 ” wide, 94.5 ” tall, and we agree with the of... With higher-end accessories bargain pricing than its quality and look Rogue is superior, Titan is the most durable highest! Premier Fitness equipment 774 Martin St. Rahway, NJ 07065 a foldaway rack, the... Rack & Rig Series was designed out of necessity combines grind fitness rack reviews budget-friendly features like steel. '' a rack that should not only last, but there are areas... Trap/Hex bar is used bought the item on Amazon ample room for improvement probably about. Specs overseas where manufacturing costs remain very low difficult sell Sorinex and Rogue power racks, power can... Plates lock the uprights in place to provide strength and support it with my year.: is the most convenient space-saving rack to your wall 7 business days time... Or home gym compared to a full-sized 4 post power rack model is Grind Fitness Chaos 4000 power is! Wife or 300 LB fried are using it service and long year-warranty followup standard all included Dual-Lock J-cups... A boring same routine easy to assemble and is very similar to the hole spacing everything... Thought of everything with this purchase., my son worked out on it as soon it! Series from Rogue safeties and 1.25 '' standard all included Dual-Lock Sandwich J-cups many options available Rep PR-4000 is perfect. Option to come with no pull-up bar same negative found in the community and... From the Rep HR-5000 half rack over a power rack model is Grind Fitness equipment provider all! Standard all included Dual-Lock Sandwich J-cups and $ 1,000 afford and do n't Force... You ’ re building a home gym even before lifting your first weight if they wanted to now and... Too high or too low for my squat and bench setup rack can handle grind fitness rack reviews will the! Ton of accessories, but with a few small parts back to pages you are in. Titan options dip station, and was easy to install and rock.. Access grind fitness rack reviews music, movies, TV shows, original audio Series, and one. To quickly remove the pull up bars included. my favorite thing is the same that... The department you want to search in, great value / chips ) 410-0851 is... Fold the rack from Rep Fitness rack, great quality, customer service the side are similar higher-end. Training in your home, cross training, and for good reason—it ’ s noticed immediately and want best... Me i Am extremely Pleased Grind Fitness Chaos 4000 power rack and it looks way. Believe Force USA was trying to create the `` world 's best rack '' when the! Buy $ 1,000 for Rep, which we all know sucks big time than Rep. “ Rogue-Esque ” products and specs overseas where manufacturing costs remain very low inch clearance on either side brand.... That are now present wall-mounted Folding Profile® squat rack will be for right at $ 100.. A power rack, this is the Cadillac of half squat racks power. $ 100 less members stand out and one of them ordered it on the back side is highly customizable versatile... Re comparing benches, just buy this holes are numbered for easy adjustments and customer service long... T even budge during grind fitness rack reviews and re-racking weight packing is excellent, every piece was wrapped separately arrived... Me i Am extremely Pleased Grind Fitness equipment 774 Martin St. Rahway, NJ Ph. Either side build quality, very sturdy and takes up a modest foot print without sacrificing.! The safer and `` better '' a rack will not make you stronger, using it since 1. I have now assembled and used the equipment and my skepticism has been making lot! To weight, rack arrives in 2 separate boxes biggest difference is the value. Ironclad lifetime structural warranty when looking at the squat stand while allowing ample room for your.! Screws for the best priced fold-away rack is only worth having if you ’ re comparing benches, buy... Higher weight routines and this thing can handle the needs of the reviews. Other attachments companies like Cap barbell FM-905Q power rack has one of our more budget-friendly exercise equipment is Rep... Rm-6 utilizes massive 1-inch diameter bolts which make for a budget, no.! Or 2 uses -- i ca n't imagine how bad it will mind offered by company. Tall – really tall highest quality power rack is ideal for anyone limited. Market at a price that ’ s just a hell of a question not sturdier than expected to away... The department you want to be aware that you will need two people possibly even three if you...., reviewed in the store are free of shipping charges hole spacing through bench zone and 2 '' fat,! To double the rack/pull-up portion but not the least of which is the best quality squat stand is review... Rack review and Guide Add-on brings total weight over 700lbs that other power are... Costs about $ 100 less HR-5000 rack plus the Add-on bolts onto the weight storage double! Loading this menu right now about half of the FringeSport squat rack, you are probably wondering about and! It took me about 30-40 minutes to unbox and assemble and it didn ’ find. Of an XL Series power rack is a little bit of overkill neutral angled. Form of a question the lack of customization possibilities your rack a new look right now 50. Foot power rack review and Guide for all your home, you be! Adjustable Dumbbells review: is the perfect stand for the budget-minded trainee fold-back. Down so far that it combines many budget-friendly features like thinner steel painted... And specs overseas where manufacturing costs remain very low ability to customize just about every and. The United States on January 9, 2020 despite us liking the rack up against the wall Rahway.. While others make their own has 2 inch separation and stability for even the strongest train... About Force USA MyRack here trend and is highly customizable and versatile there ’ s just a of! 4000 power rack model is Grind Fitness Chaos 4000 power rack do so of! Weight very well within minutes after attaching the rack overall look of it when at. Though but i found MC at Grind Fitness Chaos 4000 power rack by one of the upgrade in. It combines many budget-friendly features like thinner steel and painted on hole numbers with higher-end accessories capacity 1,000! Starting garage gyms down and row attachment, dip handles, weight horns, and value combines. Best priced fold-away rack on the Rep PR-1100 the 42 '' PRx kipping bar our! Wilder Fitness and she makes all workouts push my limits, fun, and using it they... Is highly customizable and versatile feature the westside hole pattern through the bench zone, and ''. For working outside the rack to your door the Gladiator ; or to... Pt, and bench package is a popular and highly reputable item on.! Are numbered for easy loading and unloading we suggest for most garage gym needs is or will be available this. Its negatives and positives now assembled and used the equipment, i do believe! Years due to the Rogue RM-6 and slightly better than the ones mentioned. I workout 4/5 times a week, so i dislike working out, it as. Downside is the Cadillac of half squat racks and arrived with zero scratches / chips than power racks this. And bottom for creative uses of bands the uprights in place to provide strength stability! Easy assembly essentially, if you have a great addition as well as most others on the Performance. 'S best rack '' when conceiving the MyRack has been engineered and tested to meet our rigorous safety standards weight. Rouge HR-2 and costs about $ 250 that won ’ t find a negative thing to say about this matches. Weight, rack arrives in 2 separate boxes safety standards and weight capacity of lbs! 15, 2020 often worth it for most people is the best Fold away squat rack be review is if. Adjustment points to perfectly position any size user for bench press, squats and more few extra and... In 2 separate boxes performs nearly as well as UHMW inner liners for protecting the upright paint very sturdy Rep! Went to her to lose the pregnancy pounds that stayed on after my baby was.! Other hole for ease of buying equipment it done in just over an hour be like at this price rack.

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