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Demonic Names for Girls: Meaning: Hekate: Goddess of the underworld, witchcraft, graves and demons: Iyzebel: Evil wife of King Ahab/Condemned: Jahi: Female demon of debauchery: Lilith: Female demon of the night: Lamia: Female demon who could transform into a serpent monster from a beautiful woman: Rangda: Demon Queen of the Leyaks 233 Japanese Girl Names and Their Meanings. Avnas Interest is based how many people viewed this name from each country and is scaled based on the total views by each country so that large countries do not always show the most interest. Taryn. Josef Vratislav Monse was a in the fields of law, state (polity), history, and czech language. If you need or want more, I'll be happy to help. Many people believe that the name can affect success in life, through their children's working career and other circumstances, so they choose more “respectable” names or name meanings as they believe that the name meaning reflects the personality of the child. Discover the meaning of the Monsen name on Ancestry®. Monse likes to be out a lot , but also likes to relax and be around people she loves. Taryn is one of the popular girl names that ends with an ‘-en’ sound. There are 3 different variations of names, and they're as follows: The first 4 names are names composed of 2 words, which together form a monster name. Hear the name Monse? We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising" and also in accordance to amazon associates programme operating agreement. This means that if two or more names have the same popularity their rankings may differ significantly, as they are set in alphabetical order. The Chimera was another monster from Greek mythology. Carries a scepter and lance on a horse Adramelech Chancellor and President of The High Council of … For names with the same popularity, the tie is solved by assigning popularity rank in alphabetical order. Try searching for a variation of the name Montse to find popularity data and rankings. This name is not popular in the US, according to Social Security Administration, as there are no popularity data for the name. See the popularity of the girl's name Monse over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. The name Monse having moon sign as Leo is represented by The Lion and considered as Fixed. A derivative of the name might also be popular in US. René was born on September 28th, 1968 in Potsdam. Used in: Catalan speaking countries. Her hair is dual colored, red in the front and black in the back. Your browser does not support this feature. Josef was born on June 15th, 1733 in Nové Město na Moravě. Japanese words for monster include 怪物, 怪獣, 化け物, お化け, 化物, 野獣, 変形 and 天魔. People having the name Monse are in general originating from United States of America. Simply enter names you like and let this genius technology inspire you to find the perfect name.How? Darker blue on the map indicates that people in the country are more likely to search for this name. Monse ,A really chill, pretty and smart girl! In addition, the iris of each eye are of different colors, and her teeth are all sharp and pointed. (If you know more meanings of the name and you would like to contribute click here to submit another name meaning). Submit the origin and/or meaning of Monse to us below. Starts with: M. Pronunciation: (MONE tsee) Instead, we recommend that you pay a greater attention to the origin and meaning of the name Montse. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ab9ceaea44851c27459db2bb5a7ced1d" );document.getElementById("b11a3ad379").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); If you purchase a product or service linked from this site, we may receive an "affiliate commission". The next 3 names are 2 word names, the names are descriptive and tend to contain a monster as a noun. According to a user from Ohio, U.S., the name Monse means "Extremely Beautiful, mount, mountain, its mountains outside Barcelona that is name monse". Read our baby name articles for useful tips regarding baby names and naming your baby. The first thing you should know if you are considering Montse for your baby's name is that in most countries all over the world the name Montse is a girl name. The meaning of Montse is “Rough or jagged mountain”. Also note the spelling and the pronunciation of the name Montse and check the initials of the name with your last name to discover how it looks and sounds. What does the name Monse mean? It'll make for a great conversation starter with your friends and family. Also see the lists of names of Latin, Spanish, or English origins. All Name Meanings Boy Name Meanings Girl Name Meanings Searching for a name is a very important and fun process as it’s the very first gift you will give to your baby. If you are thinking of giving your baby the beautiful name Montse, spread the love and share this with your friends. is a unique search site with 101,424 names collected from 2,566,237 family trees, containing 126,711,643 people. According to a user from Ohio, U.S., the name Monse means "Extremely Beautiful, mount, mountain, its mountains outside Barcelona that is name monse". By continuing to browse or by clicking “Accept Cookies,” you agree to the storing of first- and third-party cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. Visitors Online: 1197 Today's Visits: 53948 Yesterday's Visits: 270610. example: "lord of the rings" will match names from the novel 'The Lord of the Rings' this field understands simple boolean logic The map shows the absolute popularity of the name Monse as a last name in each of the states. The name Monse has Fire element. The gender associated with the name might be incorrect, as the data presents the record applications without being edited for errors. Note: The data above is from the Social Security Administrator of United States, (more info here) from Social Security card applications for births in US for every name, from 1880 up to the present year. People with the last name Monse are most frequently White or Hispanic or Latino, What is the most accurate origin of the name. Name Meanings by Gender. The name Lilith is a girl's name of Assyrian origin meaning "ghost, night monster". Name Meaning of Monse We apologize, but we don't have a meaning for this name. Categories: Catalan Names, Italian Names, Nicknames or Pet Names, Spanish Names. The name was first given to 5 or more babies in the year 2000 when it was given as a first name to 5 new born babies. The below mentioned winter baby girl names are unique in their way and carry the snowflake-like purity in them. All Name Meanings Boy Name Meanings Girl Name Meanings If you have a little devil running around, consider some of these names for fun. Perhaps its meaning — "little and fiery" — is why the Irish name "Aiden" has become so popular in recent years. He passed away on February 6th, 1793. Search comprehensively and find the name meaning of Montse and its name origin or of any other name in our database. Sun is the Ruling Planet for the name Monse. Ahmya – a Spanish name as well as a Japanese name, it means black rain in the latter. Origin of this name can be traced in many different cultures. Search for more names by meaning . "; Bern - This simple French name for girls means "brave." Lilith is derived from the Akkadian word lilitu meaning “of the night.” In Jewish folklore she is portrayed as Adam's rejected first wife, who was turned into a night demon for refusing to obey him. Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland. Note: If a name has less than 5 occurrences in a year, the SSA excludes it from the provided popularity data to protect privacy. When was Monce first recorded in the United States? DEMON NAMES VAMPIRE NAMES Demon Names with A Name Meaning Abaddon King of the Locusts in Hell Abigor Commands sixty legions of devils. Choose the names that mean ice queen for your baby girl who is none less than a princess to you. Mallory has a fantastic sound to it making it a gorgeous first choice for any Mum or Dad … She also has big breasts and is slender and curvaceous. Aswang, is a female vampire from the Philippinian Islands that appears at daytime as a woman and at night as a flying monster that sucks… Atazoth The most powerful of the Dark Gods in the pantheon of the Order of the Nine Angles. There are options from all over the world: Amandla - This strong African name means "powerful, brave woman. Required fields are marked *. Has an adorable smile, is a beautiful person inside AND outside....she is quiet on the outside, but getting to know her, watch out!! Girl Names That Mean "Brave" These girl names mean strong and brave. Baby Girl Names that Mean Winter, Snow or Ice. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). The name can be found in a Yiddish phrase sheine maidele (meaning: pretty girl). The name Montse is in the following categories: Catalan Names, Italian Names, Nicknames or Pet Names, Spanish Names. The name Montse is of Catalan, Latin origins, which means it has more than one root, and is used mostly in Catalan speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world. Find more Japanese words at! This doesn't mean that the name Montse is not popular in other countries all over the world. Not all countries that have shown an interest in the name are listed in the bar graph. Please select from the list of all origins below: Survey: Which of the following lists would you find most interesting? If you consider naming your baby Montse we recommend you take note of the special meaning and history of the name as your baby’s name will play a big role in its life and your baby will hear it spoken every day. Monse Name Meaning. Ai – this name can be used to add syllables to a name or a hyphenated/middle name, means indigo blue or love in Japanese. Your email address will not be published. Submit the origin and/or meaning of Monse to us below Keep in mind that many names may have different meanings in other countries and languages, so be careful that the name that you choose doesn’t mean something bad or unpleasant. The name's popularity and ranking is announced annually, so the data for this year will not be available until next year. She has a great sense of fashion and a good taste in music. The name might be popular in other countries, in different languages, or even in a different alphabet, as we use the characters from the Latin alphabet to display the data. It was sometimes shown with the heads of … girls :Anna or Ana can be both American and Japanese names pronounced Ahn-na in Japanese boys: ken is is a common name in both cultures. Will she be a successful businesswoman, an inspiring fashionista, or a professional homemaker building a family. We have plenty of different baby name categories to search for special meanings plus popular and unique names, search our database before choosing but also note that baby name categories designed to help you and not to be an influential factor when choosing a name. Longer bars in the bar graph indicate that people in the country are more interested in the name. Acoording to vedic astrology, Rashi for the name Monse is Simha or Sinh and Moon sign associated with the name Monse is Leo. Find your family's origin in the United States, average life expectancy, most common occupation, and more. The name you give your daughter will help shape the woman she becomes. Mallory. The name itself signifies in one sense the… Aulak (Islamic) Terrible vampire that eats women and children. "; Anoud - An Arabic name for girls, this means "brave and courageous. The meaning of the name “Montse” is: “Rough or jagged mountain”. Mons definition, an area of the body that is higher than neighboring areas. See more. The owner of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to the description is the meaning and history write-up for the name; separate search terms with spaces; search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes. Many cultures believe that a girl’s name is a critical milestone that dictates certain paths they will take in life. Kennedy means “misshapen head”, while Cameron means “crooked nose”. In the Unknown origin, Monse means "Unknown". At first glance, Zombina seems to be an ordinary human but, on closer examination, her skin is stitched together and is various shades. Its name comes from the Greek word “khimaira,” meaning “she-goat.” (1) It was said to have the head and front legs of a lion, the body of a goat, and the hindquarters of a serpent.

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