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Let me know any hospital or any references where I can treat my children. We are also exercising the eyes per the recommendation. Recommended dosage: Take 1 sachet twice daily with normal water. hello m deepak n doing bsc from du . Please let us know if you have any concrit solution for such problems along with your adreess, contact no., appointment details etc. At 4 years at what range the eye sight was detected.. Dear Sir, My Age 25 yrs, Iam a Computer worker. Being small she is not wearing her glasses continuously. Im in near by Coimbatore so please refer some ideas to fullfil my wish. dear sir, i am from Mumbai. My 5 years child is suffering from mayopiya so let me give an yoga or aurvedic treatment reduce her problem. SIR, i’m 18 years old and suffering from myopia. My whatsapp 8275257895 pl suggest. Yashti Madhu is another medicine recommended by Ayurveda for the treatment of Myopia. Astigmatism and Ayurveda Myopia occurs when the eyeball is too long or the cornea (the protective outer layer of your eye) is too curved and the light that enters in the eye won’t focus correctly. Watering from the eye, itching, burning sensation and feeling heavy eyes are few symptoms patient might experience which might lead to a headache and lack of sleep. i have myopia. Ayurvedic Treatment For Myopia. i am engineering student of nit patna,my eye sight is very weak i use gass having power of-18.what should i do ? or kindly suggest any good ayurvedic practioner in jaipur, I am 31 years old. Please contact me on my mail ID, My daughter is also myopic, she is 5yrs old,have u tried ayurvedic treatment? Thanks for contacting us, but we strongly suggest not to take any medicine without visiting a doctor. My vision is getting reduce year after year. i am passionate about joining the armed forces. For small kids, they grow rapidly till their teenage, so the prescription may get bigger too. I am suffering from myopia.I have done treatment for myopia disease but nothing happened.I heard about ayurvedic treatment for myopia from my friend.So can you give me full details about ayurvedic treatment for myopia. kindly help me, what i should do. As per Ayurveda each and every body type differs and different medicines should be prescribed for different body type/condition. I am 27 years old and I have a high power in only right eye which is -4.5 and the left eye is -0.5. Please answer…, Sir I have -0.25 in both eyes I want to remove my specs.. Is it possible with the help of medicine. can this no. Start a yoga routine. Dear sir, I am Albin. All the information provided here should be treated as reference and not as final prescription, Sir,I am suffering from myopia left eye (-1.75) & right eye( -2.00).I want to joinNDA 2016 .So please please reply to cure from myopia.Don’t, say to suggest ayurvedic I want to get answer from u sir please reply…. So Ayurvedic treatment of optical issues incorporates adjusting the body energies and utilization of treatments that unmistakable eye blockages, sustain and reinforce the optical nerves and tissues to improve vision.Proper eating routine is proposed, for example, Carrots, green verdant vegetables, citrus natural products, berries, almonds and so on to be devoured. My son is also very high mypoic ( Right -8 and left -7) and he is 3.5 years now. Please contact me on [email protected] for more information. know more about treating simple myopia and degenerative myopia in Ayurveda. Your site has given me hope and I’m really interested in more information. i have myopia to whom i should contact. My name is Shikhar and I am from Noida. Your email address will not be published. Ayurvedic Treatment For Myopia & Degenerative Myopia. These doctors are independent doctors and can give you better suggestions. Shell i take treatment from Shreedhriam. i gone through every prescription made by Dr’s except AYURVEDA but it is still progressing…VOIDS is developing in cornea which is scaring for me….i’ve gone through GREEN LASER in my right eye in order to stitch that it is also developing in my Left eye…..if anyone has any kind of suggestion regarding these than pls mail me….i’m 21 year old mail:- [email protected], Hello sir I am suffering from Myopia -2.5 in both eyes . Reply. Images focus in front of the retina (which is the light-sensitive part of the eye), instead of directly on the retina. This medicine is given twice daily in empty stomach. My email is is [email protected], Hi, please share your contact details @ [email protected], I also have similar problem since i was five. In Ayurvedic texts, only by the main feature impairment of distant vision myopia can be correlated with Drishtigata Rogas (2 nd Patalgata Timira). The doctors advised me for LASIK surgery. Myopia and Ayurvedic Treatment by Dr. Rashmi Koyande Diagram showing myopia, a defect of the eyes in which the eyeball is too long, or the cornea overly curved. For both eyes. I read lot of books and embroidery, since my eye power is so high i feel so uncomfortable. Ayurveda and yoga do wonders but, might take considerable time in some cases. This medicine can be taken for 15 days continuously to fight against constipation. My name is prashant pandey i am high myopia pateint. on September 1, 2016 Myopia is a scientific name for the condition known as nearsightedness. Detox premium powder is the herbo-mineral formulation that comprises of various effective ingredients like shukta pishti, moti pishti, gandhak rasayan, parwal pishti, shankh bhasam, sutshekhar ras, shwet parpati, giloy satav, yavakshaar, etc. Its regular use will give you wonderful results. We are providing you a wonderful and effective herbal kit known as “Myopia Care Kit” that provides effective & good results in Myopia. . my eye number is 3.75 in both eyes . Only far distance words not showing. Rather the power is increasing @ rate of 0.5 / 3month. Please Reply. i am a high myope of -7 n -8.can this be corrected by any treatment? In most of the cases, myopia stabilizes in early adulthood but sometimes it continues to progress with age. plese reply. Can you guide us is there medicine in ayurved which can be prescribed for him…, Your email address will not be published. But people say that it is risky. My son who is 4 years recently diagnosed with cone dystrophy.Doctor says it is genetic and is not curable. without glasses i cant read blackboard .. do i have myopia .. i was advised to take banana nd cleaning eyes with triphla … give me advise. I am fed up with this. But so far, we haven’t seen any improvement. Improve mental strength to learn that it can be cured or progression can be stopped if proper care is taken.There is no ailment/disease in the world which cannot be cured if mind and medicines work together closely to complement each other. I am 24 years old. Hi Raghu….My son is also suffering from high myopia since childhood . Did you get benefit from any of the treatment. Eye Exercises. Will I be able to see any improvements in my eyesight by doing yoga and modifying my diet alone? Background: Myopia is very common ophthalmic disease especially in children and adolescence. In nearsightedness, a person can clearly see nearby objects but has difficulty in seeing far-off objects. For simple myopia, the duration would be between 14 to 16 days. sir,I have suffering from myopia since2008.firstly my both eye power is only -0.25D.but now aday by it increase.present my both eyes power please suggest me to cure my eye deases. I am suffering from eye floaters with flashes of light in my both eyes. It seems stable for the last 1 year but recently i am suspecting something is happening with my left eye. I am 33 yrs old now. but not kept overnight. But even surgery is not always a cure for nearsightedness. Chandigarh Ayurvedic Centre is a leading Multi speciality Ayurvedic Clinic of North India. If feasible, do give it a try. In this disease are curable or incurable. Reply me sir. However, our herbal products are 100% natural, vegetarian, and prove to be effective. I really would appreciate your moral support and guidance to restore or to degrade the possible progression of her myopia. Hi I’m studying Chartered Accountancy and I have been wearing glasses for 10 years. Recommended dosage: Take 1 teaspoonful twice daily with normal water. In ancient Indian lore, a fetus's eyes were thought to be formed when light particles from the sun and moon passed through the eyes of the expectant mother, traveled along the nervous system, and entered the womb, says Vasant Lad, founder of the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My son have both eyes cylindrical no. Doctors say tht th only cure for progresiv myopia is spects. My eyes are degrading day by day. I planned to take her to Sreedharyam after reading reviews. Try to send message to multiple doctors through the form provided like here Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions … Avoid all fast foods. Believe can cure your disease 40% free of cost. Can u please help me. One teaspoonful powder of Yashti Madu is mixed with 1/2 teaspoonful of Ghee (cow ghee) and one tea spoonful of honey. can it cured by ayerveda? In this cases, the distance object looks dim or blurry whereas the close object looks normal. If yes which institution is the best. I have myopia of -5.5 can it be cured through ayurvedic treatment and how much time it will take plz talk me on my e-mail plz. This eye drops work as lubricants that treat dryness in eyes. By Tanushree Kulkarni. i would like to connect, we never know we might help each other if you have got some ayurvedic cure, Hi Raghu, i See you have posted this 3.5 years back. I’ve -4.5 D lens in both eyes. General advice : Try to learn relaxing and stop getting anxious about the eye condition getting worse. My self ajay, age 25..5 yrs, sir my left eye is -3 and right eye is -4, distance vision. I m 16 years old and suffering myopia(-2.5left&-3.5right). Dhanu, What is your age currently.. when you first detected the eye sight what was the range detected.. what treatment you have taken till now to control it. Is there any possibilities to cure this power and relieve me from this spectacles . (-8.5 and -6.5). Disclaimer: Even though we are using the word “cure” throughout this article because our website visitors use the terminology to find this page, the word “cure” is not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose anything. i am planing for a laser treatment. Regards, Susant. hi sir….i m student who is learning in 11th class…i have spectckle of -3..i cant see objects which are at distance …….i want to join air force…for tat your eyes should be good and sharp…your eyesight should be 6/6….so i want to ask sir whether my eyes are curable or not in six months….?? Chandigarh Ayurved Centre is providing you the best Ayurvedic treatment for curing myopic permanently. 2003/9, Sector 32-C, Chandigarh – 160030. Chandigarh Ayurvedic Centre provides best ayurvedic treatment & panchakarma therapies centre in Chandigarh. Eat healthy and avoid alcohol, fried food, excess spicy food and stop eating food from outside eateries. Anyone kindly sugest correct place. Nasya : 4 drops of Panchendriya Vardhan Taila is dropped in each nostril. I will suggest you to visit a reputed ayurvedic doctor near your place. can u pls suggest me any nedication. It treats myopia and its associated symptoms like unable to see far away objects, headache due to strain in eyes, difficulty in seeing while driving at night, Eyestrain, excessive blinking of eyes, etc. Even my mother n sister also have myopia. Iam having myopic eye (.9 and .75). So Ayurvedic Myopia treatment includes balancing the body energies in addition to therapies that clear eye blockages, nourish and strengthen the optical nerves and tissues to enhance vision. It deals with blur vision and improves eyesight. Triphala churna is a classical herbal churna formulated from three main herbs Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki (Terminalia chebula). CASE HISTORY- my eyesight degraded mainly because i avoided wearing glasses since i was 15 years old, at the age of 18 years i had -1.75 and -1.5, thereafter when i was 23 years old my eyesight got reduced to -2.75 and -2.5, and now it is, as stated above. sir, i am from mysore,karnataka.i am wearing spectacles from the past 4 years. Myopia Ayurvedic Treatment At Matha Ayurvedic eye treatments for myopia improves vision in a step by step and phased manner. Wanted to know if it helped u or not, Hi Ritu , i wanted to know the treatment given to your son. can it be cured without lenses and lasik. Building No. I was suffering from colour blindness for a very long time. Required fields are marked *. Internal Medicine : 2 Tablets of Saptamrut loha with 1 tea spoon full triphala ghee and half tea spoon full of honey after meal twice a day. Hi, please share your contact details @ [email protected], I also have similar problem since i was five.-11 and – 12 with cylinderical 6.50, i would like to know if something cured you from myopia. plz tell me sir…if i do yogas and exercises whether it is curable ??? Many cases of myopia stabilized after their treatment. who want to relief his myopia, can contact me on [email protected]. Moreover, ayurvedic treatment of myopia includes some specific medicines and exercises, which can be used to treat as well as prevent myopia. Please let me know your result of Shreedhriam. hi.. i need to talk to u regarding same eye problem of your daughter. kindly help me, Sir/Madam Whether akshatarpana treatment for eyes is helpful to control myopia, hi, i am a 22 year old computer engineer and our work involves sitting for long hours in front of computer…due to this i have observed a progresive increase in my myopia no. Doctors say it is because his eye size is bigger than what is supposed to be.Please let me know if something can sure this , since it is a physical thing. If yes, this is a big number and should be addressed by a good physician as soon as possible. My daughter has progressive myopia and has power of -5.5 in both eyes and vision of 6/9. sir i m wearing specs for past 10years and my number is -4.25 and want to get rid of it by ayurveda. Avoid any food that is hard to digest. People says if it is at young age, it can be cured completly. Thats why Iam worn glass. Samshodhan : Also called as purifying procedure and Virechan karma is used for it. So wanted to know the treatment given to your daughter and son. Recently last month when I visited to Ophthalmologist, Doc told me Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) is having on my eyes and more floaters and flashes will be generated on my eyes and once PVD completed on my eyes, floaters will be diminish or disappear. Hi Ankit, I am 29 Years old and i have myopic cnvm in my right eye for which i had Avastin injections 4 times. In this medicine Triphala, Yashti Madu, Lauha Bhasma, Ghee and Honey are used. Myopia or Timir management in Ayurveda includes Vata Shamak Chikitsa with Chakshyushya drugs. These ingredients show antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulator properties. Please let me know if there is any hope. Concussion and eye sight High myopia treatment eyes sight Disclaimer : The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Is there any ayurvedic treatment for reducing the power. Hello sir, i am a student from jaipur and i sellect in indian railway for a job of loco pilot & for this job eye requirement both is 6/6 but my left eye is 6/9 for distance vision and after one month my medical exam. Myopia, cataract, dry eyes, red eyes, conjunctivitis etc. All the information provided here should be treated as reference and not as final prescription.You can even contact a doctor here for initial consultation which is free. As per Dr. Tushar, at a younger age, the best way to treat myopia is with glasses (spherical glasses). Dear Sir, I suddenly found high myopia in left eye of my 8 years child with ( – 9 ) now doctors are saying that it is non curable because it is since birth & could not get recovered.

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