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PETPROTECT ® CARPET. Stainmaster carpet is made for life. These same special fibers make the carpet retain its color longer and resist the daily wear and tear that can lead to fuzzing, shedding, and fiber loss. There is a difference between staining and soiling. Bought it from Lowe's they would do nothing only warranty one year the factory sent out a rep said that it was from moisture from my crawlspace I have a basement do not buy. Never heard from any rep and no satisfaction from the retailer. We offer the best assortment of carpet with the newest looks and colors along with timeless carpeting choices. Not cheap, as we ordered the better quality and the best padding we could buy. With this in mind, they could be ideal for any number of households. So when accidents happen, you can use hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners without fear. Between their four best-selling products (TruSoft, PetProtect, Active Family, and Essentials) they have your home covered. STAINMASTER ® Carpets stay up to 30% cleaner and last up to 50% longer than other carpets. CARPET. I will be replacing my not quite 4 year old carpet in a couple weeks. The Benefits of Stainmaster Carpet. When I bought the carpet I didn't wanna go cheap and have these kind of issues so I went with a medium priced and quality hoping it to last and look good for awhile However the carpet is equivalent to cheap quality carpet that I could have picked and saved a lot of money. To understand why a carpet will not show tracking marks (including footprints) let’s first understand why some carpets do. As the name might suggest, the main aim of a Stainmaster carpet is to protect against long-term damage from spillages and staining. Karastan: Karastan has an important legacy in the world of rugs and carpet that dates back to 1928 when they invented looms and weaving process that allowed for ordinarily top-end products to be produced more economically and thus be available to a much wider consumer base.In 1993 Mohawk acquired Karastan, and the brand continues to thrive as one of the leading carpet and rug brands in the USA. Best Carpet for Pets. You are probably buying either too much or too little carpet. 5; Neutral. Similarly, many landlords who rent out their properties to tenants may find that the long-lasting fibers are ideal for keeping maintenance costs down in between tenancies. Now you can shop the most trusted brand to fit your family’s lifestyle. is made to wear, but has the softness you desire. I purchased stain master carpet had it made into an area rug instead of wall to wall. STAINMASTER® Design Advice. Phones M&F 8:30-7:00 Tu-Th 8:30-6:00 Sat 9-4 Showroom Open M-F 8:30-5:30 by Appointment. I'm not purchasing my replacement carpet from that retailer or that manufacturer. Tried to get it out had it cleaned doesn't come out. The carpet looked older than the carpet that was original to the home, over 20 years old. Had it commercial cleaned and it didn't help with the compressed fibers. The most-durable carpet is nylon with short loops. We use the Vettermann drum tumbler to test the durability of STAINMASTER® carpet. Food and drink stain resistant, easy to clean, soft and durable carpet. As other carpet fibers come and go, with claims of superior performance, STAINMASTER ® has consistently outperformed all of them and offers outstanding warranty coverage. Instead of being woven from traditional carpet fibers, Stainmaster carpet is made from a special nylon fiber that causes spills to bead up on top of the carpet, making for easy cleanup. The properties of the carpet help it maintain its appearance while giving it a nice soft feel. I'm not taking Lowes replacement carpeting. With broadloom carpet, if you damage or stain just one small area, you typically have to replace the entire thing. The "customer service" person says there is nothing they will do about this extremely poor quality carpeting. Stainmaster. We've long offered terrific deals on STAINMASTER carpets at A.J. For example: households that have children, pets, or a high amount of foot traffic are better suited for Stainmaster carpets that fend off unsightly stains that inferior carpets would start to show after just a few short weeks. Lowes said we have to take replacement. 4; Very Unsatisfied. Three problems. If all else fails, in five years I will look into hardwoods for the family room areas. 1; Somewhat Unsatisfied. White stain master pet carpet three years ago from Lowe's had my carpet cleaned every 12 months after the third year my carpet cleaner has been a professional for 30 years set my carpet look like it was 15 years old stain master only warranties the carpet not staining the backing is made by somebody else which is only warranty for two years backing failed. Soil Resistance . STAINMASTER ® carpet that you are not afraid to walk or live on! But what sets Stainmaster apart, and why are the products so popular? Phone us on 1800 335 624 if you have any questions. Installers, Service Pros couldn't or didn't match seams. It also provides a softer landing for children. Dec 18, 2013 - Did you know that carpet performance is directly related to the type of fiber used in its construction? Stainmaster is a popular carpet brand with families and pet owners. Whether you're designing a brand new home, planning a renovation or simply looking to refresh, we're here to help you find the perfect carpet for your home, now and into the future. We answer all your most commonly asked questions about Stainmaster carpeting, including what Stainmaster carpets are made of, where Stainmaster products are made, how to keep your Three strikes. The problem was not the perimeter but the traffic areas. I wish I could share a pic. Stainmaster Petprotect Best In Show Winner Carpet Sample At Lowes Com ... Stainmaster Petprotect Best In Show Specialty Textured Interior Stainmaster Petprotect Baxter Iv 12 Ft Textured Izzy Interior Stainmaster Essentials Notorious 8 Day Dodge City Carpet Sample In Carpet is a great choice in bedrooms. My Cart(0 items, $0.00) New Account Log In. Now, with numerous textures, patterns, and colors available, carpet is emerging as the focal point in some interior designs. Have American Stainmaster clean your rooms! We bought it and the installers did a great job putting it in. Worst carpet we ever purchased bought at Lowes. Shop stainmaster petprotect best in show- breed breed plush carpet (interior) in the carpet section of Families with small children may benefit from the hard–wearing carpets made by StainMaster, and it’s the same for households with pets. StainMaster® carpets feature supreme stain and soil resistance, exceptional durability, are comfortable underfoot and fit with any style. They said they would contact the rep. After 3 months of phone calls and promises, someone from the store came out and said it was dirty and the problem was the perimeter where it had gotten too wet from a cleaning. HOME; CARPET; COMMERCIAL CARPET; CARPET TILE; … STAINMASTER® Care & Maintenance. It is the worst. I don't want it! Feel at ease when guests visit your home and walk all over your beautiful carpet. We're very fortunate after a long stretch, Lowes has, to our satisfaction, made the carpeting purchase workable for us. Explore our website for inspiration and to choose carpet colours and textures. About the color of dried dirt and my coffee. of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. is provided "as is" and without warranty of any kind, Buy Stainmaster PetProtect Stain resistant carpet at Wholesale Prices Today - Discounted prices on all Stainmaster PetProtect Carpets for your home! Ordered from Lowe's, first carpeting had to be returned as there were big oil spots on it. either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties There are also limited warranties covering soiling, food and beverage stains, fading, texture loss, abrasive wear and static shock. STAINMASTER® PetProtect carpet is one of my favorite carpets that are out there on the market. See more ideas about Stainmaster, Carpet, Types of fibres. We can show you what we have available in Stainmaster carpet and help you find the right fit for you and your family. Rose, letting you upgrade your interior for just $1.79 per square foot of carpet. The exceptional fibre known as nylon is the reason for our famous STAINMASTER ® carpet performance. Stainmaster® carpet is backed by one of the best warranties in the business, including stain, soil and fade resistance, so you know you’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come. Those are our biggest culprits. Once you decide, our expert installation team can install it for you. This material helps to minimize problems common to having pets in the house, such as: stains; soil; pet dander; wear-and-tear; Best High-Traffic Carpet. STAINMASTER® PetProtect® Carpet RESISTS PET STAINS. Have your tile and wood floor cleaned too! Give us a call today and let us show you the Stainmasters Carpet Cleaning difference. STAINMASTER ® CARPET Products. Stainmaster carpet has a standard fiberglass backing, also known as an action-bac. StainMaster refused to come look at the carpet. Problems the first week. We’ll help you find the perfect carpet or luxury vinyl flooring for your home. Sep 27, 2017 - No matter the stage of your flooring project, visit our Website to gain insight on what quality flooring is and explore what flooring works best in your home. Pulls in it like you get in a sweater. Also, the dealer needs to know the approximate size of the area to be carpeted in order to give an estimate on total cost. He again promised that he would get the rep out. We've had the Baxter style carpet in Roll Over grey for about 2.5 years. Very Satisfied. The best carpet cleaning San Antonio TX has to offer because of all you get for the price! Customer Service/Distribution Center: 200 Enterprise Drive Calhoun, GA 30701. Now they insist I take their replacement carpeting. Go for the colors and styles that wow you but also remember how your room is going to be used. A certified carpet inspector came by and a week later my claim is denied due to "unfortunate circumstances" that they won't disclose. Beyond Beige. Therefore, it is often marketed as a brand which families and pet owners prefer. Select a carpet product below to learn more. After more cleanings with the same results. I contacted the store that I purchased it from. See more ideas about stainmaster, carpet, stair runner carpet. Stainmaster. Pros have access to special tools to make for a speedy and high-quality install. CONNECT WITH US. PetProtect ® carpet carries the best pet warranty offered by the STAINMASTER ® brand with protection against stains from urine, vomit and feces. Most carpets today are made out of Nylon, Polyester, Wool or Olefin. Also, the dealer needs to know the approximate size of the area to be carpeted in order to give an estimate on total cost. In an area of high traffic, a thicker, denser carpet will show less wear over the years, but in areas used slightly less such as your living room, a long pile carpet will provide warmth and comfort. Total loss for me over $2000.00. We care for your safety and health, and that is why we use environmentally responsible products. Spent over $4000 to carpet two average sized rooms. Stainmaster® is the most recognizable brand name in carpet – synonymous with performance, confidence and fashion. STAINMASTER ® carpet that you are not afraid to walk or live on! A great solution for a clean and happy home. Stainmaster Petprotect Best In Show Finish 12 Ft Plush Finished ... Stainmaster petprotect secret dream 12 ft pattern matisse interior stainmaster petprotect carpet and cushion abbey floor stainmaster petprotect pedigree companion carpet sample at lowes com stainmaster petprotect foundry blissful textured indoor carpet. I waited a long time to be able to afford the best of the best and this is what I got- crap. So my humble opinion is that this "pet protect" carpet is all marketing and after calling the carpet manufacturer, I know there really is no warranty at all. Called about the warranty there is No Warranty if you order the carpeting as a area rug. 3. Shaw Flooring manufactures and supplies six carpet collections, individually designed for various purposes throughout the home. Call Us, We've Got Answers. Learn more. Decided on the stainmaster carpet in a dark beige/light brown. The carpet we choose can be found here. When the choices in carpet were limited to basic beige, designers treated it more often than not as a neutral background for room furnishings. Stainmaster says it is not warrantied against odor...Great. Within far less than a year I noticed traffic wear on the carpet, it's just two people and in a bedroom, so no sneakers or heavy traffic in the room. It also provides a softer landing for children. The installation by Service Pros was poor. Carpet Collections. Designed with pets in mind. ... the main aim of a Stainmaster carpet is to protect against long-term damage from spillages and staining. Superior fiber technology – more technical facts Read 170 reviews of StainMaster carpets by homeowners, landlords, contractors, and distributors. For example, most DIY homeowners don’t just have a power stretcher laying around. 134; The opinions expressed in these reviews are the opinions of consumers that submitted reviews to Feel at ease when … Stainmaster Carpet Review | Stainmaster Carpet More Than Just A Name Matthew Yunk , March 12, 2012 March 12, 2012 , Uncategorized , American Carpet Wholesalers , StainMaster Okay, so just about anyone who has looked at purchasing carpet has heard of the STAINMASTER carpet brand. After waiting months to get new order it was finally put in. 170 reviews with a 1.5 average rating. CARPET. Stainmaster carpet is soft, comfortable and stylish. The opinions expressed in these reviews are the opinions of consumers that submitted reviews to The carpet became so flat looking it appeared there was no matt under it. Courtesy of STAINMASTER® carpet. 26; Somewhat Satisfied . Across these collections, there are 351 different styles to choose from, and an array of colors. The style of carpet that most commonly shows tracking is a straight Saxony. 18% of customers recommend. Key Features of STAINMASTER® PetProtect® Carpet ... it’s time to start looking for new carpet. Emailed and called Invista. Let's pick the carpet that fits. Stainmaster Petprotect Best In Show Finish 12 Ft Plush Finished Stainmaster Essentials Stunning 12 Ft Textured Piping Interior Stainmaster Stock Carpet 12 Ft Frieze Rosewood Interior Stainmaster Petprotect Sparkle 12 Ft Textured Polish Interior Stainmaster Petprotect Greyhound Feature 12 Ft W Pomeranian Stainmaster Petprotect Bianca Coco Carpet Sample At Lowes Com Stainmaster … Whats people lookup in this blog: Therefore, it is often marketed as a brand which families and pet owners prefer. Two had been snagged further by moving things and pulled out to reveal the backing. ( the delay voided our warranty) The warranty starts at the time of purchase. STAINMASTER® warranties are transferable to the new owner, a great selling tool, while home owners who will be living with their carpet selection will want the long-lasting durability and beauty of a STAINMASTER® carpet. The best carpet for dogs and cats is a short pile made of nylon. The carpet we choose can be found here. Divisions of Stanton Carpet Corporation include: Stanton Carpet, Antrim Carpet, Rosecore Carpet, Crescent Carpet and Hibernia Carpet. This pet-friendly carpet is color safe and fade resistant, so when accidents happen, you can clean them thoroughly without worry. Mar 30, 2020 - This board features STAINMASTER carpet! Stainmaster carpets are made with soil-repelling technology that causes the fibers to push away dirt and other staining substances, allowing your carpet to stay fresh. Resists food and drink stains. I would never buy this carpet again if I want something with quality to last and look good. Pet warranties – Stainmaster® PetProtect® carpet offers the best pet limited warranty offered by Stainmaster®. There are 2 of us in the house, no pets. 170 reviews with a 1.5 average rating. I was shocked at how it could already have a worn walkway showing after months. When carpeting an entire house, 12' carpet may be more efficient than 15' carpet. You usually (nearly always) need 5% less pad than carpet. Stainmaster has become a household name known for superior products that stand the test of time. Choosing the Right Carpet. STAINMASTER® Carpet has an impressive track record of over 30 years of the most durable, serviceable, stain resistant and trouble free carpets on the market. Write your own review as well. These carpets have come a long way since the days of bristly carpet resembling grass. STAINMASTER flooring is durable, easy to clean and great for kids and pets. site map  |  As the name suggests, the manufacturer mainly produces flooring, which is best suited to heavy traffic and potential soiling and staining.Stainmaster is also a brand which has worked with other leading US carpet … However, larger jobs with multiple seams, patterns, and are best left to the professionals. Handle life’s messiest moments. They are often forgot about and dullness could show! Never use Lowes or purchase Stainmaster carpet. Consumer Reviews of StainMaster carpets. Durable, easy to clean & beautiful!. When we shopped for carpet, the Lowes associate told us it had a lifetime warranty against stain, wear & odor- what's not to love?

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