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That’s what strategic management implores: doing things that are in the plan and not letting the plan sit on a shelf. Strategic Planning Strategic Planning Toolkit by Janet Shapiro (email: 1 OVERVIEW Brief description This toolkit provides a model for taking an organisation through a strategic planning process. Determine Your Strategic Position. Here’s an example: For an in-depth look at how your organization could use the BSC, check out this Full & Exhaustive Balanced Scorecard Example. Learn how the flexible, extensible Smartsheet platform can help your organization achieve more. 1. The best way to report on strategy progress is to hold a quarterly or monthly review meeting with the leadership team. Tools are available to assist with tracking performance of strategic plans, including several types of software. While many people use a strategy map (shown in the example below), you could also use icons or a color-coding system to visually understand how the elements of your strategy work together. This tool helps you gather information and list the assets you have available to you. Part of that journey is the strategy and part of it is Clearly communicate the roles people will have. A strategic planning checklist is a guide for you to achieve the things that you would like to realize. IT strategic planning is the game plan of how your organization will reach its objectives and ensures all decisions have a guiding north star. This is the output of strategy planning and may be developed at the level of an organization, department or team. These resources can also be easily adapted for individuals or districts, and the worksheet can be completed Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations. Strategic planning is a disciplined effort to produce decisions and actions that guide and shape what the organization is, what it does, and why it does it (Bryson, 1995). “Strategic planning is a prompt to foster strategic thinking, acting, and learning, and they all matter and they are all connected.”. Your vision statement describes a future state of what your organization wants to achieve over time. Just as a map guides people from one location to their destination, a strategic plan that is rooted in action guides an organization through achieving its goals and, ultimately, fulfilling its strategic vision. It depends entirely on the organization and the external environment that surrounds it. Another part of strategic planning is tactical planning, which involves looking at short-term efforts to achieve longer-term goals. Find out how your fellow small business owners define success. A strategic plan communicates goals and what it takes to achieve them. 3 The Complete Guide to Strategic Planning Getting Started: Introduction The strategic management process is about getting from Point A to Point B more effectively, efficiently, and enjoying the journey and learning from it. Outputs can be as basic as the strategic planning document itself. Feeling the strategic fatigue? After companies go through a lengthy strategic planning process, it is important that the plan does not sit and collect dust. The strategic planning process is a process used by organizations to develop a plan for achieving their long-term organizational goals. Note: This Medium article offers a number of real-world examples of OKR. It also involves laying out—step-by-step—how you’re going to get there. Remember, there are many different names for the sections of strategic plans. Will you have a meeting to kick off the implementation? In order to plot out a course for reaching your goals, … Strategic planning is a process of looking into the future and identifying trends and issues against which to align organizational priorities of the Department or Office. For work as crucial as strategic planning, it is necessary to get the right team together and include them from the beginning of the process. There is no right or wrong way to do strategic management — only guidelines. Explain to stakeholders why a change is taking place. An effective strategic plan can help you address your state's chief public health needs while allowing you to adapt to a changing environment. Chart a long-term direction for your agency and the allocation of resources. Strategic planning is not a to-do list for the short or long term — it is the basis of a business, its direction, and how it will get there. “A really good strategy has to meet a lot of criteria. Name: This field is required. Modify them or use a strategy evaluation framework to make sure they’re focused and move on. Mission Statement: In this section, describe what you do today, your audience, and your approach as you work toward your vision. The strategic planner will also need the help of a cross-functional team that involves members of the board or leadership, along with representatives from finance, human resources, operations, sales, and any other critical functions. Could you change an energy input from coal to natural gas, for example? Strategic Planning for NGOs: A guide to understand the basics of strategic planning Published on February 1, 2017 February 1, 2017 • 164 Likes • 14 Comments “Sometimes they just become obvious. Getting team members on the same page (in both creating a strategic plan and executing the plan itself) can be beneficial for a company. Strategic Planning Guide . Strategic Planning For Small Business. Here’s how objectives, measures, and projects interact: You have a high-level goal in mind—your objective. “Before you communicate the plan [to everyone], you need to have the commitment of stakeholders,” Hofmeyer recommends. Download our free guide to better understand the basics of strategic planning, set ambitious goals and equip yourself to meet them. While conducting a strategic planning session in-person is difficult enough, doing one online where participants have the option to turn off their cameras and mics, and continue on with any other tasks, is even more challenging. Think through how it will be shared, and which parts of it are relevant to outside parties. Strategy is focused on the destination and how you are going to get there, and tactics are focused on the specific actions you plan to take along the way. —Create a mission statement. “Strategic planning is not really one thing. At the beginning of the process, establish guidelines about who will be involved and what will be expected of them. Strategic plans also provide a mechanism to measure success and progress toward goals, which keeps employees on the same page and helps them focus on the tasks at hand. Strategic Planning Guide. Both strategic planning and long range planning cover several years. Using the data such as the available resources, financial situation etc. Try to include as many stakeholders as you can. That’s where the magic is.”. Strategic Planning in Smaller Nonprofit Organizations Western Michigan University, April 1999: Reference Source: Bryson, J. M. (1995). In an effort to standardize the practice and terms used in strategic planning, ASP has created two certification programs. He explains that new techniques come out constantly, and consultants and experienced planners have their favorites. It involves stepping back from your day-to-day operations and asking where your business is headed and what its priorities should be. Email: This field is required. Guidelines on how to build a municipal RFP. If you refresh your strategic plan every year, you might be able to work through this process in. Toolkits. Some rely on a more organic or rigid process. Using a framework such as Balanced Scorecard (BSC), Theory of Change (TOC), or Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is critical to your strategic success. For future resource allocation, link your operations (what some refer to as the “work planning process”) to your strategy. At this point, your strategy has been launched: Now you need to know whether or not you’re making progress! This is your reason for being in business. This team isn’t responsible for doing everything in your strategy, but it should oversee strategy execution across the organization. Strategic planning is an essential part of your work as an entrepreneur. Remember: strategic plans are not written in stone. (If you use strategy software, the strategic plan document will likely be contained there.) Strategic Planning Guide Strategic planning can be the most valuable investment of time and energy your group ever makes. Other parts of a strategic plan can include the following: Description: A description of the company or organization. Strategic planning, disciplined effort to produce decisions and actions that shape and guide an organization’s purpose and activities, particularly with regard to the future. this article that highlights how you can effectively communicate your strategic plan, you can read about running efficient meetings in this article. In this article, you’ll learn the basics of the strategic planning process and how a strategic plan guides you to achieving your organizational goals. “Always be doing a continuous environmental scan, and don’t be afraid to engage with stakeholders.”. Instead, your strategy review meetings should be meticulously organized. the planning process allows the participants to imagine library services in a perfect world (visioning), articulate the value and role of the library to the community (mission), and design a blueprint for bringing the library closer to that perfect vision in alignment with the Strategic Planning: A Practical Guide to Strategy Formulation and Execution weaves that knowledge into a roadmap for anyone charged with creating a strategic plan, evaluating a strategic planning process, or executing resulting strategies in an effective and efficient way. 1901 N. Moore Street, Suite 502 | Arlington, VA 22209 | 866-568-0590 | [email protected], Copyright © 2020 Ascendant Strategy Management Group LLC d/b/a ClearPoint Strategy |, Chapter 1: Prepare For Strategic Planning, Chapter 3: Put Your Strategic Plan Into Practice. Maintaining Momentum 7. You can use your OAS or Strategic Shift exercises to help you define your priorities and objectives—but more importantly, you need a way to manage these elements. When used well, strategic workforce planning enables HR to plan for the capabilities they need in the future. He lives in the startup-rich environment of northern California and says he often sees startups fail to get seed money because they do not have a strong plan for what they want to do and how they want to do it. You may have researched risk assessments, core competencies, scenario planning, or industry scans as part of your strategic planning. “You need to make it work for your organization,” he says. STRATEGIC PLANNING: A TEN-STEP GUIDE* I. Issues-Based Planning: In this approach, start by looking at issues the company is facing, then decide how to address them and what actions to take. There is no perfect plan; however, it needs to be realistic. Internal—Be sure all elements of your strategy—like strategy maps or logic models—are contained within a larger strategic plan document. You will learn: The key components of a good strategic plan Reasonable is the key word here, as that depends on your organization’s maturity level with regard to strategic planning. Hofmeyer summarizes what goes into strategic planning: Understand the stakeholders and involve them from the beginning. Michel is the founder of Success Fuel for Managers. Bring all of the stakeholders together for input and feedback,” Stockmal advises. Let’s get one thing straight right now: If your organization has turned to you (or your department, a colleague, etc.) During your search for strategic planning tools, you’ve almost certainly come across a Strategy Pyramid (shown below). “Things happen, [and] you should always be on the lookout for that. (The idea of perspectives is fully developed in Norton and Kaplan’s book The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action.) Download One-Page Strategic Planning TemplateExcel | Word | Smartsheet. Strategic planning is an extensive and dynamic process that encapsulates the organization’s vision, mission, goals, objectives, and strategies. 5.Develop a communication plan that can help you discuss the strategic planning checklist to the concerned entities. This strategic preparedness and response plan outlines the public health measures that the international community stands ready to provide to support all countries to prepare for and respond to COVID-19. Strategic plans include information about finances, but they are different from financial planning, which involves different processes and people. The first step to successfully developing a strategy for your business is to complete an analysis of your businesses three strategic environments. Decide who will get a copy of the plan and how those people will tell others about it. Now, figure out how and when you will document progress. Our comprehensive guide to strategic planning covers the process step-by-step and provides useful techniques you can use to simplify the workflow. Your measures answer the question, “How will I know that we’re meeting our goal?” From there, initiatives, or projects, are put in place to answer the question, “What actions are we taking to accomplish our goals?”. In addition, you can build strong teams and bridge gaps between staff and management. Perform a Gap Analysis. Your plan should include certain elements, like mission, values, and vision statements, and avoid common pitfalls, like neglecting the specific needs of your organization, so it becomes your road map for success. You need to be able to show where you are going,” says Stefan Hofmeyer, an experienced strategist and co-founder of Global PMI Partners. Don’t have unrealistic expectations.”. But you can be in the 10% of businesses that actually make their strategic plan stick—and we can help you with that. Plus, find expert insight on getting the most out of your strategic planning. Whatever the case, don’t expect this to be done by the end of the week. The idea behind TOC is that if you have the right people doing the right activities, they’ll affect change on your customers, which will impact your financials, and bring you closer to your vision. There are many sections in a strategic plan, and the length of the final document or presentation will vary. Since strategic plans are more guidebooks than rulebooks, they don’t have to be bureaucratic and rigid. Essentially, strategic management is getting from the starting point to the goal effectively and efficiently using the ongoing activities and processes that a company takes on in order to keep in line with its mission, vision, and strategic plan. This is where everyone looks at and responds to the data gathered from the inputs. Related to this article: Entrepreneur story - WOW Factor Media: All the right signs Related Topics. To make the most of your strategic efforts, you’ll need a tool that allows you to track, manage, and communicate throughout the process — from strategy to implementation. A strategic plan must be flexible and practical and yet serve as a guide to implementing programs, Your expectation should be that the process of aligning your resources to your strategy can happen within year two of your strategic planning execution. Mistakes To Avoid 8. It is really a set of concepts, procedures, tools, techniques, and practices that have to be adapted to specific contexts and purposes,” says Professor John M. Bryson, McKnight Presidential Professor of Planning and Public Affairs at the Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota and author of Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Organizational Achievement. For actionable tips, check out this article that highlights how you can effectively communicate your strategic plan across your organization. Marketing & Sales, Back to Prophet Thinking. If this is your role (or even if you’re just highly involved in the process), this guide will be immensely helpful as you navigate the coordination of the strategy. The Theory of Change is a logic model that describes a step-by-step approach to achieving your vision. Having an effective strategic planning process in place can benefit an … What Is the Strategic Planning Process? The process helps define a company’s objectives and investigates both internal and external happenings that might influence the organizational path. Smartsheet is an enterprise work execution platform that is fundamentally changing the way businesses and teams work. To make the most of your meetings, it’s critical to have an agenda for before, during, and after the meeting—you can read about running efficient meetings in this article. We’ll discuss this further when we talk through the Office of Strategy Management. The Balanced Scorecard, developed by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, has been one of the world’s top strategy management frameworks since its introduction in the early 1990s. IT strategic planning shouldn’t be a dreaded practice. For a process that takes you through these steps start to finish, try out our Strategy Execution Toolkit. The Office of Strategy Management is comprised of a group of people responsible for coordinating strategy implementation. It is designed for early- or mid-career planners who work in strategic planning. -- their time is spent realizing and reacting to problems. “You have to reach agreement about good ideas,” Bryson says. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy. When Is the Time to Do Strategic Planning? Below, we’ll walk through the three critical phases: Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients beat the odds in the strategy planning and execution game. Understand how they all fit into your own process, and then move forward with the sections you’re missing. Strategic planning became prominent in corporations during the 1960s and remains an important aspect of strategic management. During the planning process, you should have decided how you will measure success. How you learn from and adapt to these changes influence the success of the strategic plan. An outsider perspective can really take you out of your bubble and tell you things you don’t necessarily want to hear [but should]. Free your team from content sprawl with Brandfolder, an intuitive digital asset management platform. State and territorial public health agencies are pulled in many directions. The strategic planner’s job is to align thoughts from the leadership team with a process the organization can use to execute on their strategy. For example, there might not be one “aha” moment that suddenly makes things clear. Strategic planning for law firms can sound daunting, especially if you’ve never created a plan before. Keep an eye out for gaps between the vision and its implementation — a big gap could be a sign that you are deviating from the plan. Externally, examine threats and opportunities within the industry and any broad societal expectations that might exist. If there is a question about whether or not to include anyone, it is usually better to bring on extra people than to leave someone out, only to discover later they should have been a part of the process all along. Instead, look at current meetings and replace or refactor so there’s time to for strategy discussion. Inputs are important because it is impossible to know where you are going until you know what is around you where you are now. A Guide to Strategic Workforce… Workforce planning is often mentioned – but rarely explained. You’ll be disappointed. The names people use for the sections differ, but the general ideas behind them are similar: Simply make sure you and your team agree on the terms you will use and what each means. A … Typically, the OSM lives in the finance department—or it could be its own separate division that reports directly to the CEO. While they are related, it is important not to confuse strategic planning with strategic thinking, which is more about imagining and innovating in a way that helps a company. A marketing plan is more about introducing and delivering a service or product to the public instead of how to grow a business. The importance lies in ensuring you’ve chosen the elements in the pyramid that work best for your organization, and making sure those components are going to help you achieve strategic success. External—You also need to be sure you have a plan for communicating your strategy outside the organization—with board members, partners, or customers (particularly if your organization is municipal or nonprofit). You don’t need to completely rewire your budget, but you do need to create direct linkages between how your resources are allocated and how those efforts support your strategy.

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