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・The Sōbu Line is yellow and a local train bound for Chiba. The more centrally located Haneda Airport handles a smaller number of international flights and the majority of domestic flights. The Tokyo Rail Map includes the public transportation system, as well as many major landmarks and points of interest. Narita Express train. Large stations such as Shinjuku Station, Ikebukuro Station, Tokyo Station, Shibuya Station, and so on are served by multiple lines and allow convenient transfer between the different railway companies without having to leave the station. Train issued by Tokyo Metro. In this guide, we'll help you understand and confidently navigate Tokyo's complex train system. Hanzōmon Line: connecting Asakusa and Shibuya It covers the whole area around Tokyo city including Yokohama and Chiba with the subway and train lines of all companies! ・Great access to Oshiage Station next to Tokyo Skytee. 0000001056 00000 n Some lines even circle such areas conveniently, so take a look at the table below and it might just help you plan a perfect day of sightseeing! [D \K$���.���*���\��X�m�XnZXT���0��;�Xϼ����A�w$dX�Q�Vy@ �G�>�n�1��&eHT�P��E��NYi���yL/�ۂ�KѕΣ���p �A>|���� ��\�Q��byxLA ��2�|�$���&�w��9(����Ei���Ds������J�>W5)�7�������r1u�6�8H�(,�ӹlS^+�ߪ4��qD@O�:�*�`�L�@�L���V�@�h�֞m�ٻ���q�f��HyֻN @T#ٿTDP��v��V�G)g!��6�Q���%S��-�+��t�[����W������Rf�I-Z�ufx/1�q��nLB?�+F����Z�+J�B ���M��&��j����{i�F��-�8E�(��>�N�$sգ�:�~_QoPI`��8�n�l*43�stS��d�4�[-y(ysu^� !=�.���ma��O/�=�)u��A�qx�@�������A�������e�޴M��9 �Β���6m�Α��?��J� *This information is from the time of this article's publication. Suica Pasmo Network Map. The following functions are provided with the latest version of this app: - ZOOM in and out using pinch gestures. Exactly 50 years have passed since the Tōkaidō Shinkansen began running between Tokyo and Osaka. Limited Express Super Hakuto runs between Kyoto St. Take a Ride on Kyushu’s Only Steam Train: the SL. Then there are seven major private railway companies in Tokyo: Odakyu Electric Railway, Keio Corporation, Keikyu Corporation, Keisei Electric Railway, Seibu Railway, Tokyu Corporation, and Tobu Railway. Tokyo Metro subway map in Chinese (Simplified) (中文(簡体字))(PDF:1.8 MB) Tokyo Metro subway map in Russian (русский)(PDF:1.9 MB) Tokyo Metro subway map in … C) 2018.03 . *For the Mt. ・The Chūō Line is orange and features local, express, and limited express trains. Tokyo Subway and Train Map for Tourists in English • TOKYO POCKET GUIDE. The Tokyo Rail Map represents the state of the art in information design. ・Transfer to JR lines and Tokyo Monorail at Daimon Station after a short walk to Hamamatsuchō Station. Rose Viewing on the Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line)! Haneda Airport Access Guide supports comfortable journeys for travelers from Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) to central Tokyo and Yokohama. It's a complicated web of JR East and other private railway companies, plus subways, that intertwines seemingly endlessly, making it hard to understand for anyone who's not a local. ・Convenient connection between many main stations, such as Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Station, Ikebukuro Station, and Shibuya Station Tokyo Monorail connects Japan’s gate to the world, Haneda Airport, to Hamamatsuchō Station. 0000163454 00000 n There’s also the limited express “Revaty Kinu,” boasting 2 hours to Kinugawa-Onsen Station. Avoid the potential confusion of Tokyo’s subway system, and travel comfortably in a private vehicle instead. Download the app now and get a free map of your next travel destination, or favorite world city, e.g. Tokyo Metro (formerly known as Eidan) is one of Tokyo's two subway operators. The Odawara Line takes you to Odawara, which is the gateway to the popular sightseeing area Hakone, while the Enoshima Line offers direct access to Enoshima. 0000052573 00000 n See a map of Tokyo, Japan and its major stations and tourist attractions including Tokyo parks and gardens, hotels, embassies, shrines, temples and shops. 0000003097 00000 n It runs about 15km between Shinbashi and Toyosu Station – at Shinbashi Station, transfer to and from several JR lines, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, and Toei Subway’s Asakusa Line, while Toyosu Station is also served by Tokyo Metro’s Yūrakuchō Line. ・Great access to Omotesando Station, Shibuya Station, Aoyama Itchome Station, etc. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to pick a set itinerary, or customize your own. 0000127097 00000 n - STATIONS INDEX with SEARCH function lets you quickly jump to any station. The Menu Is Really This Big?! Next to the main line, the company also operates the Keikyū Airport Line that branches off at Keikyū Kamata Station and takes you to Haneda Airport’s domestic and international terminals. October 11,2017 Tokyo Metro will expand the number of locations where its "Tokyo Subway Ticket" special passenger tickets for foreign visitors to Japan can be purchased! Additionally, the Tōbu Tōjō Line from Ikebukuro Station to Yorii Station in Saitama’s northwest is the shortest way to get to Kawagoe. By air - Tokyo has two airports: Narita Airport handles the majority of international flights and only a small number of domestic flights. Keisei Electric Railway operates several branch lines in northeast Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture, centering on two lines called Keisei Main Line and Narita Sky Access Line, connecting Narita Airport and Ueno. Keikyu Electric Railway’s Keikyū Main Line connects Sengakuji Station in Tokyo’s Minato Ward with Uraga Station at the coast in southeast Kanagawa Prefecture. 0000078088 00000 n 0000052809 00000 n Tokyo Station is the central station in Tokyo between the Imperial Palace to the west and Ginza in the east. The Japan Rail (JR) network of trains covers the whole of the country and JR East is responsible for the network in the east of Japan including Tokyo. While the nine Tokyo Metro lines provide access to many of Tokyo's city centers and tourist attractions, they alone do not provide the perfect solution for getting around Tokyo. Nine Tokyo Metro lines running on the center of Tokyo, Toei Subway lines, and stations are mainly displayed. 0000019991 00000 n h�b``Pf``�a```:��01�f$Qe(f`�g�g.a?����x�K�yc��+�%l�x63c��k0b�l��6�����!�$`���A\A���QS� ��2u{ ��� ��� endstream endobj 5 0 obj <> endobj 6 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Properties<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 1072.3]/Type/Page>> endobj 7 0 obj <> endobj 8 0 obj <> endobj 9 0 obj <> endobj 10 0 obj <>stream The Hajima Line branches off at Kodaira Station on the Shinjuku Line and takes you to Hajima Station in Tokyo’s west. This could be anything from someone accidentally falling from platform onto the tracks to suicide. Especially the Ōedo Line is very handy for sightseeing, as it connects major downtown areas such as Aoyama, Roppongi, and Shinjuku. However it is very well organized. Tokyo Station layout – ©Central Japan Railway Company Tokyo Station to Narita Airport. 0000025627 00000 n Takao cable car or lift, as well as meals. Here is the best English-language Tokyo subway and train map: Tokyo Combined Subway and Train map; Here are the best English, Chinese and Korean subway maps: The shortest ride is from Ueno Station with only 41 minutes, but the Skyliner can also be accessed from Oshiage Station, Asakusa Station, Nihonbashi Station, Higashi-Ginza Station, and more. �]dO�i�rA޽!d���%�`R�KM������ �\5ʲ�>a�1I�zrN�߇d���Fu�:��=�\��g$ This includes convenient sightseeing lines such as the Marunouchi Line or the Yūrakuchō Line that go around the Imperial Palace, as well as the Hanzōmon Line that takes you to shitamachi (old downtown) areas in the east. With a bit of planning and research, getting around in Tokyo will be no issue at all! If you want to go to Seibuen Amusement Park, use the Tamako Line. Takao One Day Trip, reservation on is required prior to the desired day. JR is responsible for the shinkansen bullet train, a backbone connecting major Japanese cities, as well a network of rail that connects metro areas with rural ones. Takao One Day Trip*. Within Tokyo, transfer to the Asakusa line is possible at Sengakuji Station, while transfer to JR East’s Yamanote Line is possible at Shinagawa Station. The nearby Oshiage Station offers access to Toei Subway’s Asakusa Line, Tokyo Metro’s Hanzomon Line, and Tobu Railway’s Tobu Skytree Line. If you plan on going to Tokyo’s suburbs and outer areas, limited express trains are recommended. It takes you to Hakone-Yumoto Station in 85 minutes and the seats can be rotated all the way around, perfect for savoring the scenery outside the window. Looking at a Tokyo railway map and the city's train and subway system can seem like looking at a messy ball of yarn! The limited express train “Revaty Kegon” from Asakusa Station takes you to Tōbu Nikkō Station within 1 hour and 47 minutes at the shortest. JR East doesn’t only operate the Yamanote Line, Chuo Line, and the Keihin Tohoku Line, but also the Narita Express. 0000155598 00000 n Tokyo Metro train operators (on one-man-operated routes)will begin providing information with the use of iPads. Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) Narita International Airport Sendai Airport NRT Shibukawa Shim-Maebashi i uragano ami Isesaki a Kiryū Sano Akagi Aioi Ota Higashi-oizumi Nishi-oizumi Tatebayashi Kuzu Tochigi Oyama Kuki Kurihashi Shin-tochigi … ・Transfer to JR lines at Shibuya Station, Kanda Station, Ueno Station, etc. Tokyo Subway Route Map. This limited express train service is fast, reliable and punctual, and you can ride it for free with your Japan Rail Pass. Ultimate Sightseeing Guide for Hakone & Lake Ashinoko! 0000020415 00000 n Tokyo Weather: 7-day Forecast for Tokyo and Japan (+What to Wear!). This line serves about 12km between Ōsaki Station in Shinagawa and Shin-Kiba Station in the Koto Ward. H���ˮdGE����8#�=�H��ѕ�6���V�=kG��{nB-ݮ��G������_�w?|���~�}z��fM�\}�w:������cN�ף�rV[���&O��g�|�����O��>L����͝�4�9�'�T^�[�s��j� or��r6�i���,���n�W�5��g��q�X���8�t�2��Z���jg-�=���a�s����˫��<;xi՛_չ֟6s��{]���c��������s���/�UiiT��ѥ���Z��6�2O������d? The Keio Line goes from Shinjuku Station to Chōfu Station and Takahatafudō Station, also stopping at Keio Hachioji Station and Takaosanguchi Station, the station that is closest to the beautiful and popular Mount Takao. The company’s main line is the Isesaki Line connecting Oshiage Station and Asakusa Station to Isesaki Station but also the Tōbu Tōjō Line and several branch lines including the Noda Line, the Sano Line, and the Kiryū Line. 0000101955 00000 n Several branch lines connect Tokyo’s northwest to Saitama Prefecture’s southwest, such as the Sayama Line that runs between Nishi-Tokorozawa Station on the Ikebukuro Line and Seibu-Kyūjō-mae Station, where the MetLife Dome can be found, home to the Saitama Seibu Lions. Among Tokyo’s many trams, the Sakura Tram (or Tokyo Arakawa Line) is the only one that remains. 0000015209 00000 n Tokyo Station Map/Area Map|Tokyo Station City Using Tokyo This application is available in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Thai and Japanese. 0000163892 00000 n LINES OVERVIEW - shows the order of stations on each line with transit options. London, Paris, Sydney, New York, Shanghai, and many more! Map of Shinkansen high-speed train network in Japan. 0000164252 00000 n 0000167099 00000 n Keisei Ueno Station is just a 1-minute walk away from Ueno Station, where transfer to JR’s Yamanote Line or Tokyo Metro’s Ginza and Hibiya Line is possible. These trains depart every 25 to 40 minutes from Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station.The trains not only reach Tokyo Station, but may also travel to Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Shibuya.The Narita Express is one of the more convenient options, as it has plenty of space for your luggage.You also won’t need to change trains between the airport and your destination. Kawaii!!! Keio Corporation operates two lines: the Keio Line from Shinjuku and the Keio Inokashira Line from Shibuya. 0000034360 00000 n From Tōbu-Dōbutsu-Kōen Station (Tobu Zoo), the Nikkō Line takes you to the world heritage of Nikkō. With careful planning and an active search for the optimal route, however, it is also ridiculously convenient, and each company features several deals and day tickets to make your Tokyo adventure even better! Tokyo Subways, Trains, and Monorail transportation is the most extensive rail network in the world, and is still growing! Japan Station on Instagram. 0000052686 00000 n That deal includes a round-trip from all stations on the Keio and Keio Inokashira Line to Takaosanguchi Station, a round-trip ticket for the Mt. Another option is the Keio Amusement Passport that includes a free pass for all rides in one of the amusement parks on the Keio lines (Yomiuriland, Tokyo Summerland, Sanrio Puroland) alongside a one-day train ticket for a great price. 0000040597 00000 n Rail & Subway Map is a clear and concise route map that features: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RAIL MAP - representing the state of the art in information design. A 1-day ticket is available for 900 yen (450 yen for children) and grants unlimited use of both the Keio and the Keio Inokashira Line. One Red Arrow Line runs between Ikebukuro and Seibu-Chichibu, while another connects Seibu-Shinjuku and Hon-Kawagoe. Title: ol_A4_1803_NR02_M_180131_英語 Created Date: Odakyu Electric Railway operates 3 lines that all start at Shinjuku Station. There are 6 ways to get from Narita to Tokyo station by bus, train, taxi or car. v���_ZT���]њ��B����7�}�n��_S6'��Pc���Q}|*��{���X�檪�`�jt�P������Iy^�5tLB=�G��_�V��Fp�k�h�CtQG�w�q���.

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