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This has been designed to be installed in place of the original rear end housing and is compatible with the stock suspension on a Ford Fox body Mustang. Rear Suspension Package B Body $ 599.00-Select options. Outlaw Fab 9″ Rear End Housing With Axles $ 1,400.00-Select options. Choose Rhodes Race Cars Sportsman Series anti-roll bar kits for your ride, and let the performance begin! It is hard to see in these pics but the exhaust is closer to the front of the upper control arms than the down bars for the anti roll bar. I also have a custom 3.5" aluminum exhaust on the car. You need to fix up that suspension on your 79-93 Pony, and new Mustang Sway Bars & Anti-Roll Kits are just the place to start. Place car on jackstands, make sure the car is level, and have stands under the rearend housing to maintain rear ride height. Unlike the competition Steeda thought of the true Hardcore enthusiast when their in-house engineer team designed this beast. Our Anti Roll Bar features roller bearings and solid 1 1/4" bar … Add to cart. I have the Baseline Suspension anti roll bar on my car. TRZ Arms are tig welded chrome-moly construction make them strong as well as light. Competition Engineering anti-roll bar kits make it possible for you to preload the chassis, eliminating body roll during hard launches. Home; Products. Steeda once again has taken it to the next level with their brand new Hardcore Billet Anti-Roll Bar for the S197 Mustangs! Severe Duty Anti roll Bar Kit Gundrilled .250 Wall Splined Bar 3/4 Arms. Bolt on stands with Delrin Bushings. Our chassis system was designed to give you unprecedented performance. Stock Sway Bar, Poly Mounts .....gota have a sway bar to corner.. 245-45-17 BFG KDY 8 pt roll cage with subframes Rear: UPR Pro Series Rear Suspension Kit UPR Adjustable Solid Upper and Lower Control Arms ..tight for corners and hard for launches UPR Anti Roll Bar .. Minimizes body roll in the corners and launches straight for drag racing. Now that the anti-roll bar is tacked together, we wanted to verify the fitment on the car. I have looked at competition engineering, UPR, Steeda they all look good on paper. The Super Fox package is engineered for Fox-Body owners wanting to run a bigger rear tire and upgrade from the stock rear suspension while also allowing the possibility of installing a mini-tub for the rear wheel openings. Our Anti Roll Bar features roller bearings and solid 1 1/4" bar to ensure the smoothest reacting kit available!Bar … SKU: MSB-SRT250Fox Categories: Anti-Roll Bars, Chassis & Suspension, Front Strut Geometry, Kits. 1971-1976; 1977-1996 Weld on brackets allow anti roll bar to be removed and serviced if needed. Many of our suppliers shut down for a time, and like us are operating with reduced manpower. 2. For High Horsepower application get the Anti-Roll Bar with billet arms. The anti-roll bar is mocked up on the car to check the dimensions prior to final welding. Fox Body Anti Roll Bar 9 out of 10 based on 335 ratings. The UPR Pro Series Anti-Roll Bar Kit for Full Exhaust is part of the Pro-Series Suspension Kit used by all our racers in eliminating body roll and stabilizing the car down the track. The UPR Pro Series control arms are super simple but they work well. Mar 3, 2019 - The UPR Pro-Series ™ Anti-Roll Bar Kit for Tailpipes is part of the Pro-Series ™ Suspension line used by all our racers in eliminating body roll and stabilizing the car down the track. An anti-roll bar (roll bar, anti-sway bar, sway bar, stabilizer bar) is a part of many automobile suspensions that helps reduce the body roll of a vehicle during fast cornering or over road irregularities. Fits 3rd and 4th gen F body cars. 15 Year Member. Nov 16, 2013 - UPR Products - High Performance Ford, Chevy & Dodge Parts & Accessories More information Built Specifically for all 1979-2004 Ford Mustangs, UPR … The 5.0L Fox-body Mustang is often criticized as being a straight line car that can’t corner or stop… and what can we say? Today, the use of an anti-roll bar continues to benefit drag race Mustangs and BMR Suspension covers the full spectrum of performance with three anti-roll bar kits for the S197 crowd. Looking for the best in Mustang Anti-Roll Bars for your build? Oct 7, 2003 3,594 351 134. Wolf anti-roll bar Adjustable control arms upper and lower ... (I've run both) You don't want an arm with the relocation brackets on a Fox Body. Our Anti Roll Bar features roller bearings and solid 1 1/4" bar to ensure the smoothest reacting kit available! They feature 1 in. Find Rhodes Race Cars 19-0001 Rhodes Race Cars Sportsman Series Anti-Roll Bars and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! The Moser Engineering Super Fox Package designed for 1979-2004 Mustangs. He says the anti-roll bar stops the car from twisting on launch. The In order to limit the amount of roll a car exhibits after removal of the front sway bar, drag racers will replace the rear sway bar with an anti-roll bar. ... UPR Mustang Pro Series Chrome Moly Anti Roll Bar Kit (For cars with Full Exhaust) ... UPR . 90lxcoupe. 600-800p range, eventual tranny brake. MM Coronavirus Update . Strut Anti-Roll Bar Kit for Fox Body Mustang quantity. The new Billet Sway Bar, which will be officially released this spring, is made from 1-3/4-inch diameter, .250-inch wall 4130 chrome-moly with billet CNC-machined arms from 4130 plates. We’re changing our phone hours to 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Time (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays) so we have more time to process orders and get them out to you.. Keep your car flat and rear tires planted for faster and more consistent 60 foot times!! Beanie Hats $ 22.00-Select options. Chromoly rod ends. Billet Arm 1-5/8″ Anti Roll Bar $ 375.00-Add to cart. While slower cars can also benefit from an anti-roll bar, Zimmerman usually starts recommending these once a customer has eclipsed the 10.99 barrier. diameter, .188 in. 10-second street cars aren’t uncommon these days. SKU: UPR-2000-05. UPR 2000-05 Pro Series Anti Roll Bar for Tailpipes 79 … Find Competition Engineering C2021 Competition Engineering Anti-Roll Bars and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Description; Compatibility; Description. High Performance Drag Racing Suspension Components. Billet Arm 1-5/8″ Anti Roll Bar B Body $ 375.00-Add to cart. Please be aware Our supply chain is suffering major pandemic-related disruptions. The Tools I Use - Just a quick video of the new front axle and anti roll bar setup on the Fox Body Mustang Hot Rod Build.Welcome to The Fab Forums. Carbon Fiber, TIG Welding, Metal Shaping, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Custom Choppers, and everything in between. ** UPR Anti Roll Bar kits-The UPR Pro-Series ™Anti-Roll Bar Kit Weld to Fit is part of the Pro-Series ™ Suspension line used by all our racers in eliminating body roll and stabilizing the car down the track. My name is Kyle Voss and I produce Custom Motorsports Fabrication content of all forms for you. The first step is installing full-length Fox-body Mustang subframe connectors from Maximum Motorsports to our 1990 LX hatchback. Anti-roll bar. In corners, the motors drive the anti-roll-bar ends to press down on the outside wheels and lift the inside wheels. Shop at Steeda today! This allows the car to drive straighter off the starting line, helping to improve 60 ft. times. wall 4130 chromoly shafts that pivot on PTFE bushings for smooth and controlled body roll. Weld on removable anti roll bar (Sway bar brackets weld on first, Then the bar can be bolted on) Keep the car from leaning over on the launch. 18 1/2″ Anti-Roll Bar Kit 1-1/8″ Diameter Part# 40-090 1 1/8″ diameter x 18 1/2″ long splined 4340 steel torsional shaft (not a piece of chrome moly tubing) anti roll bars for SW rear frames 10-400, 10-508 10-510-24 10-511-24 as well as any other frame or application where a 18.5″ long bar will fit best. Ford Mustang Fox / 1986-1993 / Suspension / Anti Roll Bar Kits; FILTER BY. Team Z Motorsports Bolt-in-style X-treme Duty anti-roll bar for 1979-2004 Mustangs. This style anti-roll bar can be mounted in a variety of locations. Nova 68-74 (GM X-Body) Nova 75-79 (GM X-Body) Canted-4-Bar Suspensions Canted-4-Bars with Rear Rails Torque Arm Suspensions Shock Mounts and Packages Anti-Roll Bars (OEM Style) Control Arms (by Style) Control Arms (by Vehicle) Roll Bars, Roll Cages Shock … UPR's 1996-2004 Mustang 4.6L Block off the opening left after removing the EGR valve with UPR's EGR Eliminator plate. Your Foxbody Pony is already probably between 20-30 years old, so the reduced body roll and enhanced handling that Mustang Sway Bars & Anti-Roll … TRZ Apparel & More; A-Body. The basic housing comes with jig welded, laser cut suspension brackets, a re conditioned stock 9 inch housing center piece, new 3" DOM 3/16" walled axle tube and re conditioned housing ends. This mini rack mounts on top of the rear section of the factory roll bar and held a lot of bulky, light weight gear. The anti-roll bar has bar rates that can be greater than 30-40 times the rate of the stock rear bar. If your exhaust runs where the factory tail pipes run you will be fine. 1964-1967; 1968-1972; B-Body. As the anti-roll bar use expanded, Fox-body Mustangs started hooking better and 8-second times slips became common, which was fast for the mid-90s. Billet CNC aluminum links We do, however, need to combat body roll, thus the need for a sway bar, or anti-roll bar, to reduce excessive body pitch during the launch. Manufacturer. Whether you drive your Mustang daily, take it to the strip or road race, our chassis system is guaranteed to yield significant performance improvements. All TRZ Anti-Roll Bars come with Chrome-molly teflon lined rod-ends. Straighter more consistent launches. Look no further than the experts at Steeda to help make your dream Ford a reality. Factory Roll Bar Fj40 I couldn’t help but notice this cool little roll bar rack that Paul Decker made for his Cruiser. UPR ; Price. The finished anti-roll bar is shown with the billet arms and connection links installed. Anti-Roll Bar Installation Instructions 1. With a 1 5/8" diameter bar the ARB will keep your launches strait with more effcient weight transfer and no body roll. Welds between stock frame rails or rear cage downbars. Designed to cover the opening left when removing the stock EGR valve. Ignore this step if using a drive-on lift for installation. Looking to install a rear anti roll bar in my fox body stang, 514 cid, 5000 stall, 9 inch rear. Apr 5, 2011 #14

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