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And when you’re a spawning bluegill, just about everything qualifies as an invader that includes streamer flies. By 7 p.m., my wife and I pack up the canoe, a bottle of wine, and our fly rods and head over to the local lake. $32.99 ... Used a couple today on a fly rod and spinning rod. Rod Length: 6’6″‘ – 8” Power: Ultra light – … In Michigan, we have countless ponds and borrow pits in the 5 to 100-acre range that average in depth from 3 to 18 feet deep and provide ideal habitat for bluegills. Bluegill Fly Fishing Rods 9' Rod. You’ll still find the little guys hanging out in shallow water, but the big thrillers will have moved deep. Visions of bluegill fly fishing danced in my head as the cold front proved to put the bluegills down with just a rare take in deep water with a cricket. These are the nests where bluegills lay their eggs during spawning season and when active, will defend them viciously. Nearly every cast triggered a strike from a big bluegill, once this pattern was discovered. . Small rubber leggy poppers are fine. The ice is out and they seem to be putting on some fat in preparation for spawning. By 8:15 pm, the sun is getting close to the treetops and some sparrows will start darting over the water surface. Occasionally though, you’re going to hook into something with a little more fight, like a bass or pike. The water is about 4 to 5 feet deep and shallows to about 3 feet. And as with anything that takes practice to get good at, the more time you spend with a fly rod in your hand and a fish on the line, the more skilled you’ll become as an angler. This website is owned and operated by Rambling Angler Media that participates in affiliate programs and sells ads placement. For a fly fishing reel, if all you’re going to fish for is bluegill and other panfish, having a high-quality reel isn’t super important. Read about the accessories need to fly fish. Tenkara USA Iwana Fly Fishing Rod - 12Ft (360cm) Includes Case. The little splashes they make are punctuated by a distinct tail-slapping sound. Bluegills began to surface all around us as we attempted, unsuccessfully, to entice one to our bait. Although panfish have tiny mouths, they tend to inhale flies deeply. In this article I teach some tricks to having a fishing partner for life. TAKE a KID FLY FISHING!! Fishing them on a 2- or 3-weight rod might be tempting, but a 4- or 5-weight is going to provide smoother delivery. Price: $149.99. You’ll have to fine-tune your casting to sneak a fly under all those branches, but finding an overhanging tree can be a bluegill gold mine. There are many exceptional entry-level fly rods on the market that will give you a solid foundation to start catching: the Redington Classic Trout or the Echo Base are two high quality, affordable options that would serve you well for years to come. Luckily, a panfish outing doesn’t require much equipment beyond a rod, a line, and a few flies. The tenkara rod is actually a seiryu rod, which is a lighter, softer version of a tenkara rod, and my particular seiryu rod is one of the softest, most flexible seiryu rods available. I just got the practice I needed for trout on bluegills! ECHO Base 590-4 9' 5wt Fly Rod. A shorter 3wt fly rod that’s caster-friendly has more than enough power to present a popper and wrangle bluegill. Water temp today hit 47 degrees; bass weren't up shalow yet, but I had to go out and try for some bluegills (first gill trip of the year). Wade Bourne, host of Wade's World on MyOutdoorTV, shows you how to fish for bluegill and panfish using a fly rod and popping bugs.. $135.00 +$9.60 shipping. However, when searching for big bluegills it can sometimes be a challenge. – Different types of bottom substrate like rocks, gravel, mud, clay, and silt will all attract bluegill. Here’s a LINK to my store -> River Traditions, “This site is owned and operated by River Traditions LLC, a limited liability company headquartered in Michigan, USA. It still amazes me to see dimple after dimple in a shallow bay. New? Bluegill are the first fish for many young anglers. I like to think of the beds as a nest. You’ll also have an easier time carrying it around. Try fishing streamers along weed lines, under overhanging trees, over and around rocks on the bottom, and if there are bluegills around, you’ll know it by the tug. Choose the Road Less Traveled Use a fly that resembles small insects but be aware that, unlike trout, bluegills aren’t picky – they’ll bite on just about any type of small, black fly. You might find a school of a hundred while other times they are scattered and holding tight to cover as I found out on my bluegill trip to Tennessee. Of course you will need floating fly line with a leader of 2 to 4 pounds. The water is warming so they’ll be moving from deep water to the warmer shallows. The abundant panfish loosely lumped under the heading of “bluegills” probably provide more budding fly fishermen with their first feel of a vibrating long rod. The series also offers an array of lengths to give anglers the perfect blend of action and power for a variety of fishing styles. Then a cold front blew in and slowed down the bite. If you’re just starting out, don’t over-complicate the gear you buy to catch bluegill. It’s a win all the way around! Picture yourself on a lakeside after a hike, your fly rod is in your hand. They’re known by different names — panfish, bluegill, pumpkinseed, sunfish and shellcracker among others. Using a set of interchangeable rod sections, the Drift can be fished as a 9′ rod (what I use for bluegills), a 10′ rod, an 11′ 3 inch rod, or a 12′ 3? If a pond doesn’t freeze solid in the winter or dry out completely in the summer, your chances are good that bluegills and panfish will be present. We’ll cast toward the lilies and work the spider with scud dropper back to the canoe. In fact, panfish are often fished for with old fashioned cane rods and light tippet. Go to previous slide - Best Selling. Strong gusts of wind began to move through the trees and as I made my way back out, fly rod ready, I noticed grasshoppers everywhere. Perfect for the stillwater fishing described in this article. Selecting a Fly Fishing Technique for Catching Bluegills, Nymphing for Bluegills (With and Without a Strike Indicator). Accessories for Fly Fishing, Catching Bluegill is great fun, but do you want to up your game? If still no hit, pick up and cast again. I’ve also had luck in late summer casting into the shady areas of a shoreline as panfish (sometimes known as bream) will look for relief from the summer sun. The Best Fly Rod Combo Under $100. I don’t go out to fill a stringer, so easy hook removal without tearing up the fish is essential. – For rebuilding leaders and tying on dropper flies. Even young of the year bluegills put a significant bend into it, and fishing with it is great fun. Rigging up for dry fly fishing is as simple as it gets. These are the best fly patterns for catching bluegills, crappie, and sunfish. Learn how to tie up leaders in this article. We witnessed a great spectacle unfold before us. Trophy bluegill test your skills and finesse, and there's a seemingly endless variety of other sunfish to join bluegill and entertain us. But when you do, you’ll be catching subsurface ‘gills like clockwork. Having the essentials will allow you to concentrate on casting, observation, and presentation, helping you hone your skills as an angler. . The lake is about 120 acres and a quick five-minute drive from the house. On the third twitch, before the ripples could fully dissipate, I saw a large bluegill come from somewhere in the stump and engulf the small popper before turning towards the darkness of his domain. Then, it’s time to start adding action to the fly. If your fly isn’t gulped up instantly, let it sit for a few counts or as long as it takes for the ripples to dissipate. Early in the morning and late in the evening, you’ll see and hear bluegills feeding on the surface. With numerous articles and images published online as well as national and regional magazines Ken McBroom is an accomplished outdoor writer and photographer. They are truly our best fly-fishing bargain. Now, I’d like to go over the three core techniques you’ll want to try when fly fishing for bluegills. Ken spent 10 years fishing bass tournaments and in 2015 finished 12th overall in the BFL Hoosier Division in Indiana. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more of an investment but delivers a lot more versatility and performance, I highly recommend checking my fly rod of choice: the TFO Drift Fly Rod. Bluegills start to spawn in mid-June here in Michigan and it’s all triggered by water temperature. Married now with two beautiful children, Ken calls Kentucky home where he continues to communicate our American traditions. On this particular day I did better with my fly rod than with conventional tackle and crickets. They aren’t the biggest in the pond, but are often the most numerous. As soon as your popper lands on the surface, let it rest for 2 to 10 seconds, then you can try giving the fly some action by twitching and popping to entice a bite. But I understand that’s a vague description, so below I’ve included my tried and true flies. However, once you master the technique, it’s a great way to catch lots of bluegill. – Gusty conditions can make for difficult fly casting, but light winds break up the surface of the water enough to cause bluegills to let down their guard a bit.

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