The article discusses the current and recent developments around ChatGPT of OpenAI. It highlights the changes in leadership at OpenAI, stating that Sam Altman was ousted as the CEO, and there are uncertainties around his potential return. The article also mentions the temporary pause in new ChatGPT Plus subscriptions, attributing it to a surge in usage. It also provides updates on product announcements such as GPT-4 Turbo and new text-to-speech models. OpenAI’s efforts to defend business customers against copyright claims and the launch of the multimodal API are also presented. The article concludes with information about ChatGPT’s performance and rankings relative to other AI chatbot apps. It also mentions the potential impact on the education sector and criticisms of ChatGPT. The conclusion of the article discusses the continuing developments in ChatGPT and OpenAI, as well as potential implications for the company and its competitors.

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