The kitchen is a sacred place and some chefs prefer to keep things low-tech. However, a bit of technology can make cooking easier and more fun. Here are some of TechCrunch staff’s favorite kitchen gifts along with links to affiliate partners where available. Fellow’s Stagg EKG Pro Electric Kettle is a sleek, temperature-controlled kettle that costs $225 at Amazon. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for updates and scheduling. Anova’s Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano is a precise temperature circulator for sous vide cooking, priced at $79. ThermoWorks’ Thermapen ONE is a highly precise meat thermometer available in 10 colors, priced at $70.85. Breville’s Smart Waffle Maker Pro with customizable settings starts at $219 at Williams Sonoma. Instant Pots, which have become a kitchen staple, are still on the market despite the company filing for bankruptcy.

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