Tumblr+ Bids Farewell to Post+: The Demise of its Ambitious Creator subscription Service

Inactive content, Post+ will shut down completely by early 2024. It will stop being an option for Tumblr users on December 1. The service, launched in July 2021, faced backlash from the community. Younger audience, averse to traditional forms of monetization, criticized the service. Post+ entered open beta later, but was faced with more criticism. Post+ had a lower price and Tumblr took a lower cut of the creator profits, but being among the company’s projects that will be shut down.

Image Credits: Tumblr

Post+ is a part of Tumblr under Automattic, which acquired the site in 2019. The company will focus on other monetization plans like supporter badges, virtual goods, and advertising. Post+ is no longer an option for users as of Dec. 1. New users will have the option to make their existing posts public again in early 2024.

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