Understanding aspects of marijuana in California

California has been one of the leading states that have pioneered the legalization of the marijuana business in the United States. The state legalized the medicinal use of the drug way back in the 90s decade and then proceeded to legalize the recreational use of the drug in 2016. This law came into effect in January 2018 and since it is legal for people to consume and use marijuana for recreational purposes on their private spaces and properties. If you are thinking of starting a California marijuana dispensary for business or considering consuming the drug then there are certain rules, regulations, and protocols that need to be followed. 

Things to know for consumption and business of marijuana in California

You must be 21 or more for the use and purchase of recreational marijuana and it includes vaping, smoking, and consumption of cannabis-infused products. In terms of quantity, you can possess 28.5 grams of the marijuana plant material and approximately 8 grams of concentrated cannabis. It is obviously illegal to sell or provide cannabis to minors. It is also illegal for an individual to drive under cannabis influence. The consumption of cannabis in the form of smoking, vaping, or eating in public is also illegal. It is also illegal to open the package containing cannabis products or cannabis in public.

In terms of transportation of marijuana, there are some strict restrictions on that. The users are not allowed to smoke in the vehicles or any form of transportation vehicle. If you have to take the edible or pot with you then you must take it in a sealed and unbroken container, in the precise condition in which it was purchased. If you have an unsealed container then you must ensure that it is kept in a locked space like the trunk of the vehicle.  

Things to know for consumption and business of marijuana in California

If the police officials suspect the use of marijuana at the time of driving then they will treat it as a serious offense just like driving under the influence of alcohol. There is no advanced method of testing for marijuana to determine whether the driver is impaired by the influence of the drug. This is why authorities look at certain signs of marijuana impairment on the driver. However, some of these symptoms can also be found in people who have not been impaired by marijuana influence. This is why when you are transporting marijuana you must use a taxi or public transportation for moving around and be extremely cautious to follow all the prescribed regulations of the area. 

As per the enforcement of the federal law any type of possession of marijuana can be deemed illegal. But the local regulations and state laws allow individuals the freedom to use marijuana and cannabis in their respective private places and sell these drugs in the pre-determined selling dispensaries and zones which are specially designated for the selling and trading of the cannabis-like marijuana. If you are interested in the marijuana dispensary business then there are several informational portals and resources available online to help you.

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