Understanding the Perfect Movie Experiences

To understand a movie properly, it takes more than just watching it. Thus we perceive more than our subjective impressions, we have about movie thinking and him reflect. We explain exactly how this should work here! In 123movies tv you can have the best options available now.

Film analysis

Before you start your film analysis, you should watch the film first without a specific focus. Only after you have watched the film once do you start with the different levels of film analysis. These include:

  • Method
  • Content analysis
  • Figure analysis
  • Analysis of the cinematic design means

Let’s take a closer look at what’s behind it.

Content Analysis

After seeing the film for the first time, you should first prepare a synopsis. To do this, it is advisable to divide the film into individual scenes or sequences and to go through them systematically, i.e. one after the other.


Ask yourself: In which sequences / scenes can the film be divided? What are the scenes about? The content analysis also includes assigning the film to a specific genre (drama, comedy, crime, thriller, …) and clarifying which target group the film should address.


If a book served as a template for the film, these further questions could be helpful for the content analysis:

  • What function can and should the film adaptation of literature have? What does it do for understanding the template?
  • How is the literary model implemented? At what point does the film version differ from the original in terms of content?

Figure Analysis

As characters are characters referred to by actors are portrayed in movies. The focus of the figure analysis can be the first appearance of a figure, as this usually introduces and introduces the figure to the plot. However, this does not mean that other appearances of the figure are unimportant in the analysis. To analyze a character, you should take a closer look at its expression and demeanor. Include their appearance as well as their language (tone of voice, tone of voice, peculiarities such as speech errors or dialect).

Analysis of the Cinematic Design Means

In this part of the analysis, the focus is on the means of design, also known as the film language center.

Good to know

The means such as camera settings and editing are referred to as cinematic design means. They are used to create a certain effect in the film. You should consider the following film language resources:

Image: Which setting sizes, camera movements and perspectives, room layout, light and color scheme can be seen in the film? Which are particularly noticeable? What effect do they have?

Sound: How are noises, music and language used? What effect does the design of the clay have?

Editing / Montage: How are transitions between the scenes designed? How long are the shots? In order to be able to make a statement about the cutting rhythm, i.e. how quickly it is possible to change from one setting to the next, you should record this.

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