Los Angeles Auto Show is over, and it’s time to recap the cars on display and notable absences. The highlights include Lucid’s Gravity SUV, Amazon’s collaboration with Hyundai and a futuristic pickup from Aitekx. The absence of Stellantis was noticeable this year, underscoring the shift toward online events. Lucid stole the show with its Gravity SUV, which boasts a “projected range” of 440 miles and a price tag around $80,000. Aitekx debuted the RoboTruck, which bears a striking resemblance to Tesla’s Cybertruck. Also on display were fictional vehicles from the Fast and Furious franchise. Amazon announced its plans to sell Hyundai vehicles in its U.S. store, and other brands are expected to follow. Electric vehicles (EVs) were a major focus of the show, but presentations also paid attention to combustion-engine and hybrid vehicles. Environmental sustainability was not emphasized during the presentations, but Lucid and Kia stood out with their focus on using recycled and renewable materials.

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