VR Takes the Spotlight at the Inaugural VTuber Awards

Filian took the stage during the first annual VTuber Awards, hosted by the streamer. In front of a lively audience and lit with bright lights, she appeared in a vivd purple ensemble, with a ritzy take on her avatar’s sailor-style school uniform. The virtual reality awards show is one of the first of its kind, merging WePlay’s physical production space with a large-scale VR stadium. Filian noted that without VTuber clippers, VTubers would not have gained the recognition they have received today. The awards show also includes categories for tech VTubers. The event was a technical feat and included a blend of physical and virtual elements. The virtual awards show involved a five-hour event that was a first for both VTubers and WePlay, the company that produced the live VR event. The company ended up having to rebuild Filian’s avatar from scratch to make the most of the Unreal Engine. A mid-show outfit change was described as a ‘hard lift,’ as it involved a whole new set of animations to accommodate for a different outfit move. A crew member stood in for behind-the-scenes photos of the motion capture getup, as Filian is fiercely protective of her anonymity.

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