Spotify’s Innovative AI Playlist Feature Undergoes Testing

Earlier this fall, Spotify has been developing a new feature allowing users to create playlists using AI prompts. This “AI playlists” feature has appeared as part of a user test, as a way to gauge the response to AI-driven playlist creation. So far, the company confirmed the test but did not share more details about the technology, how it works, or potential launch dates.

The AI playlists feature was revealed in a TikTok video by user @robdad_, who commented, “I just randomly discovered Spotify’s ChatGPT?” The feature can be accessed from the “Your Library” tab in Spotify’s app by clicking on the plus (+) button at the top right of the screen. A pop-up menu appears, where the AI playlist feature is a new option alongside “Playlist” and “Blend.”

The feature allows users to type their prompt into an AI chatbot-style box or select from a list of suggested prompts. Some of these prompt examples include “get focused at work with instrumental electronica,” “fill in the silence with background café music,” “get pumped up with fun, upbeat, and positive songs,” and “explore a niche genre like Witch House.”

Once a prompt is selected, the AI chatbot responds, “Processing your request,” and then presents a sample playlist. Users can refine the playlist further by removing any songs they don’t want. The new AI feature is only available in English for now.

References to this feature were discovered in October by tech veteran Chris Messina, but Spotify declined to confirm its plans around AI playlists, saying it wouldn’t comment on speculation about new features. The company continues to downplay expectations and excitement around the AI playlists feature, confirming that it is only a test for the time being.

Spotify has been heavily investing in AI across its app, including the launch of an AI DJ earlier this year, offering personalized playlists and commentary in an AI voice. Spotify’s head of Personalization, Ziad Sultan, said the company has “a large research team that is understanding all the possibilities across Large Language Models, across generative voice, [and] across personalization.” CEO Daniel Ek has also teased potential uses of generative AI to summarize podcasts and automatically create audio ads.

It is still unclear when or if the new AI feature will be available to the public. If you have access to the feature in your app, let us know how you think it works!

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